Probation: daenerystargy

Kai Everlast

Hey Daenerys, I will be your probation leader for the following month. We already went through your houses and I gave you feedback!

Remember that you must build at least 5 houses during this month (you already have), in different locations on the server. Though you aren't limited to just 5, every house you build, you can leave the nearest warp, and coords in this thread. Also, I do want to see more houses with yards since 4 of the 5 houses we went through were in the Reach.

Welcome to the team and good luck!

Kai Everlast

Hey Dany, we went through your previous builds in the server and did some changes here and there, here's some feedback I want you to focus on for future builds:

-Remember to always make a pattern with the wattle blocks in your houses instead of having them all over the place, look through other wattle houses in the server whenever you feel stuck and need Inspo.
-Avoid having slopes in the ground inside the builds...
-Remember when it comes to "bench blocks" only use the ones appropriate to the profession in that house/build. For example, you will rarely find the carpenter bench outside of a carpenter's house or workspace.
-Don't be scared to try new things with your yards, you can always add chicken coops/pig pens, and small shacks to mix it up, rather than always having the same crops.
-Make sure to write the /warp and coordinates to all builds you make in this thread as soon as you build them, so we can address feedback that can help avoid mistakes and not have it be mention repeatedly with different builds.

As long as you avoid having me give you feedback that I have already given you, you will start to progress and improve more. The latests house you built was a good example of doing this, since there wasn't a lot of feedback to give. Keep reflecting on previous fb and you will head in the right path :D.

Also, as I said in-game you don't need to build houses in your plot unless I plot them for you, I wanted to see a house in the style of Beresford in the North since most of your houses have been in the Reach. There's many plots open in the Reach so no need to do them on your own test plot, if you can't find any, ask anyone in the game or let me know.

Best, Ever!

Kai Everlast

Hey, we went through houses 8 and 9 (dornish houses) in game, most of the feedback was the same for both:

-Careful when making gradients, get to understand the blocks, which ones will be placed higher in a build and which ones lower. We go for having darker blocks at the bottom, to lighter blocks atop!
-Try different ways of adding a fireplace/furnace, different styles can help minimize space!
-All houses don't need to be a certain height, play around with different heights so you can have space to add lofts to houses that request them...

For house #8, a /warp rmvillage style house, we only raised the house by a block and did minor changes to the gradient, the ints were fine :D. For TheTor house, we did changes to the gradient as requested by Marg and did changes to the ints!
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Kai Everlast

We went through houses 12 and 13 in-game. The ints were ok, however remember not to overcrowd builds with them. Overall, I see you have improve on previous feedback, but I still see some setbacks in your gradients, keeping consistency, and daub/wattle patterns, as well as roof rafters, I want to see you work on those before your month comes to an end.
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Kai Everlast

Hey Danny, it should be noted that today should mark the end of your probation period, however, I am more inclined to extend your probation for another month.... There's still feedback that I have to constantly give you when going through your houses, you still struggle with gradient, daub patterns, yards, and ints, these are things that should've been addressed by now with all the tips I have given you.

During the previous week, I plotted 4 houses on Daenery's test plot to focus on things she was having trouble with..
Ryamsport House:
The gradient could've been better worked on, as well as the ints, the rafters looked a bit messy, and the yard could've had more "life" to it.
Hammerhal House:
You failed to include what was asked for in the house, the house had a profession (carpenter), which you mistook as someone who builds carpets... As I said before, when building houses with professions you don't know, its always good to go through previous built houses in the server with that profession to get a good understanding of what should be included.
Silverhill House:
Another house with a profession (baker), you had a second hand helping you here, which I discourage you from doing so again... it's fine to ask for help when stuck, but not for someone to automatically build stuff for you, as this won't help you get better... furthermore, the ints need big improvement, they are a middle class family, and even for a low class house, the ints will still need help.
Two-story Town House:
The ints were a big improvement and were a good interpretation of the profession assigned to the house, however, you also had a second hand helping you in this house, and the ints had a style which I haven't seen you built on, so I know the other person had a good hand on it...

-There was much more feedback given to Daenerys in-game on the above houses, and this is the reason why the probation is to be extended. For this month, I would aim to work with Daenerys more on higher class houses since she's struggling with those the most, as well as professions. I expect Danny to put their best forward, as it's also the builders duty to try to improve rather than having someone tell them how things should be done each time :). I also expect other builders to not do the work (other than helping them and showing them things they are struggling with) for probies as this will never help them get better. I hope to not have to address that again.

-Best, Ever
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Kai Everlast

We went through the previous 4 houses I had assigned to Daenerys prior to extending her month and did changes to ints/gradients/ and exteriors, with the feedback given, Daenerys should have a better understanding of how higher class houses should look, and how to deal with houses that have a profession assigned to them!

House 19th- Not too much feedback was given :) , only minor changes here and there, just be careful when building sheds, they shouldn't be too tall!