oOShadowOo Builder Application


I'm 18 years of age.


I searched "Westeros in minecraft" on google. I had a feeling creative people like you guys would have made something and so here I am.

I love the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. This is a fantasy book series about dragons and dragon riders, also has stuff about elves and dwarves. I play loads of For Honor. I play a little bit of Elder Scrolls. I love medieval sort of stuff as a whole, castles, dragons and all of that.

Game of Thrones

Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7

Lord Eddard Stark. First off, he is honourable. Also he was just an amazing person all together, great son, father, brother, husband, lord, warden. The realest. His morals were the best even after going through so much pain and suffering. I'm also fond of Rhaegar, I believe he tried to see the beauties of life all the time. Robert Baratheon was just powerful as a whole, he has my admiration. Jon Snow, follows in his father's footsteps in terms of character, but at such a young age. He endures many different difficulties

I'm not the best at building, but I enjoy building and also am passionate towards the concept of the server. I'm determined, creative, persistent and also don't tire easily. I can use worldedit on a simple basis with commands such as //set and /brush. I'm good at following instructions but also can work with my own initiative and intellect. I try to study the architecture of medieval times and also fantasy so to improve my builds. I always look to see how I can improve.

So building is fun, building on something cool is even better. I love George's world and would love to take part in this amazing creation of it. Since I found out about this server, I've just been coming on everyday to just look at the builds, I think it would be extremely satisfying and enjoyable to be able to help you guys build it. Also, I'm sure it'll teach me alot about building, minecraft, architecture and even more.

https://imgur.com/a/INHdpJv https://imgur.com/a/hJPwwS6



Hi Shadow, thank you for applying to build with us. I really enjoyed the Inheritance Cycle too, it was one of the first fantasy series that sparked my own passion for the genre - did you know he published a new book recently?

Unfortunately, at this stage I am going to have to reject your application at this point in time. I can tell that you're passionate about building, but I think you need to spend some more time exploring on the server to get a better idea of our style. Some of our more recent builds include King's Landing, White Harbour, Highgarden, Fairmarket, Duskendale, Wickenden, Uffering, Bandallon etc.

My recommendation is to spend some time exploring the builds I've mentioned, and then reapply with a challenge build based on one of those projects. One tip I give all potential applicants is to explore a build and find 5 houses that you particularly admire, and then take screenshots of them to use as inspiration for when you make your own application build.

Rejection can be disheartening, but I really hope that you consider reapplying! Lots of builders get turned down the first time around because our style is a steep learning curve, and they come back with some really impressive work. Best of luck!


Hey Maester Coddfish, thanks for the reply and yeah, i actually have read the his new book aswell!
I will try my best to better my building and reapply. I'll try find some houses and and learn from them. I knew becoming a builder here wouldnt be easy. Are there any specific tips you could give me?