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Important Update - v1.0.3

Mojang has deprecated their s3 endpoint and will remove it by the end of the year. The launcher has been updated to Mojang's new endpoint. See wiki.vg for more information.

When Mojang does remove the old endpoint, older versions of the launcher will stop working properly. It is important that you update to v1.0.3 at your earliest convenience.

If you are still using the old launcher, note that it will stop working when the old endpoint is removed unless mike pushes an update to it. Please upgrade to the new launcher at your earliest convenience. Basic instructions can be found on this thread.

Full Changelog of v1.0.3 can be found on GitHub.
Important Update - v1.1.0

As some users have likely noticed, the AutoUpdater has not been working properly on macOS. This is because the updater requires that all files on macOS be code signed. This is currently not possible to do for two main reasons.
  • I don't own a mac to setup the code signing certificate.
  • Apple developer ids are expensive.
To circumvent this issue, I've modified the behavior of the updater on macOS. Users will be immediately notified when an update is available (the green pulse will be displayed). On the update panel, users wil be given an option to download the update directly from GitHub. Once the file is downloaded, just run it to update. Ex.

I recommend all macOS users to update to this version as soon as possible. Thanks to @_Benja for testing stuff out on his mac.

Full Changelog of v1.1.0 can be found on GitHub.
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Have you ever tried to turn shaders on ingame, but the whole thing just freezes for 5 minutes? Have you ever wished for a simple way to turn shaders on before you start the game? If so, v1.4.0 of the WesterosCraft Launcher is perfect for you!

You can now switch shaderpacks on the Mods tab of the Settings view. This value only takes effect before the game is launched. When the game is launched, you need to use the in-game option.

You can open the shaderpack folder by clicking on the + icon. Drag and drop is also enabled on this button. Drag any shaderpack over it to move it to the shaderpack folder.

Release Notes:
Important Update - v1.4.1

Forge rewrote their modList implementation last April and we finally got the memo. This update adds support for some incompatible changes they've introduced. Please update to this version ASAP as our next update to the 1.12.2 test server will not work on older versions.

We've also been working on the backend to prepare for eventual Java 11 support once 1.13 rolls around.

Release Notes: https://github.com/WesterosCraftCode/ElectronLauncher/releases/tag/v1.4.1
Release v1.5.0 is now available.

If you have multiple drives, you may not want to install files to their default locations. This update allows you to change both the installation directory (Windows only) and the data directory (also known as .westeroscraft). All game files are installed to the data directory.

Note that config.json and distribution.json are now stored in Electron's default data directory. See the release notes for more information.

Change installation directory (Windows).

Change data directory.

Release Notes:
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