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    I heard about Westeroscraft from tvtropes where, either under the 'Awesome Moments' page on Minecraft or somewhere in the tabs for ASOIAF/GOT the site is mentioned and there's a link to it as well.

    Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Harry Potter

    All of the above

    All of the above

    It's honestly a big tie between Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. I don't really know 'why' they're my favorites, but something about their interactions with each other and how their relationship evolves from mutual loathing and frustration at each other to a genuine friendship warms my heart. And honestly calling it 'genuine friendship' somewhat cheapens their relationship to each other in my eyes, but I couldn't think of a better wording for it without revealing my bias as a shipper for them. But really, she's one of the few people outside of Jaime's immediate family who knows the actual reason he killed Aerys and became a 'Kingslayer'. And he risked his life going back for her to rescue her from the Bear Pit, even though he honestly had no reason to do so asides from he thought it was the /right/ thing to do, which was something he never would have considered prior to their journey together. And well.... "Her name is Brienne." Honestly, Jaime goes from mocking Brienne and calling her 'wench' to making sure /everybody/ knows who she is and that she is treated with respect. Despite how dirty D&D did their relationship in the latest episode I know in my soul GRRM wouldn't do the same to them in the books.

    I am easily available and can handle solo and team builds decently and won't complain often or moan and groan about 'easy tasks'. My skills lie more towards exterior designs than interior decorating, but that doesn't mean I'm not afraid of doing the latter, more that I'll need a second opinion on my placement of things for the latter.

    I am a huge fan of ASOIAF/Game of Thrones, and I believe working on a huge fan project will help my skills in regular Minecraft improve greatly. Plus, I love being in communities of fans of the same things as me~

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  2. Hey NoriakiKujo,

    Thank you for persevering and applying with us again! I can see that you're passionate about becoming a member of the team, but unfortunately while this house is an improvement on your last application, it also isn't up to the standard we're aiming for on the server.

    I would recommend spending some time around some of our newer builds (for example: King's Landing, White Harbor, Highgarden, Fairmarket, Stoney Sept, Uffering, Bandallon, Westbrook etc) and getting a taste for some of the nuances of our style - things like house layouts, roof angles, building materials and acceptable interiors. You may find this guide invaluable in learning some of the basics that we take for granted.

    I recommend following Lemonbear's feedback on your last application, because this is the fastest way for you to adjust to how we build - I would advise visiting a place like King's Landing to do this.

    Don't worry about making an entirely new application, you are welcome to post new photos on this thread.

    Good luck!
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    Alright, I’ll do that. Yeah I’m really eager to become a builder, and I’ll definitely keep looking at that guide and I’m sure eventually I’ll get it right~
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    I figured I'd share a lil sneak peek of my new build and possibly get some insight so here it is with a foundation set~ 2019-05-14_16.31.31.png
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    2019-05-15_16.59.23.png Slowly but surely I think I'm getting there but of course I'd be willing to take feedback on it~
  6. Hey Noria,

    Just a quick note (although this is somewhat just a matter of personal preference), I actually like to do my house entirely in wool/placeholder blocks first, including rough interior planning, before doing the gradient and adding any details. It helps me isolate and simplify the different aspects of making a good house (so I can focus on interior layout and having a smooth gradient separately, for instance).

    Oh, and speaking of interior planning, don’t wait until your exteriors are done to start thinking about interiors. Start trying to plan interiors right away, especially stair placement. Then adjust exteriors a little bit if you need, and so on. It’s an iterative process.
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    NoriakiKujo Nobuild

    Third attempt at a build, and while I'm not really all that fond of how I ended up making the roof look, I'm satisfied with the lil story I came up with regarding the residents of this place.
  8. Hey Noriaki,

    Unfortunately, I am going to have to reject your application at this time because it doesn't match up to the standard we set on the server. I think you need to spend some more time looking at our builds and getting a grasp of our building style before you reapply again, if you choose to do so.

    All the best,
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