New scavenger hunts for upcoming House of The Dragon and The Dance of Dragons

Greetings fellow westerosi people! Now that there is less than 2 months for HoTD to launch , I planned to make 2 different scavenger hunts as an event . With the launch of the new series we will most likely face a serious flow of guests , therefore i aim to attract both newcomers who've just met asoiaf with the new show and people accustomed to the franchise in on our server . As i mentioned , there will be 2 seperate hunts , the first one as i call it "the red hunt" will be based on events that took place in the show's first season and the second one called "the black hunt" this time will be based on the whole events that took place during The Dance of The Dragons .

The Red Hunt :
This hunt will consist of 10 clues based on the imporant scenes from the show , hence the clues are not ready yet.

The Black Hunt : this hunt on the other hand will include 30 lore based clues for the more knowing people to the story . The locations for the clues are set for this hunt yet the phrasing is still not which i will ask aid from the community . i will not spoiler the clues here so anyone who would like to help me with the phrasing or would simply like to see it should contact me via discord or in-game.

Thank you all for reading! i'm awaiting for your thoughts (the night is dark and full of terrors)


The mod council has spoken and the consensus is clear: we like the idea! Consider this message an approval. Just some things before you start: we will need a document with the locations of all the clues as well as the text that makes them up. The closest warp and coordinates is more than enough. If it is particularly well hidden a small description of the placement won't hurt. Also we expect you to check with any mod available before placing any clue on the map, so they can validate the chosen spot (make sure it doesn't break too much of the build and all that). We are very eager to see what you come up with!