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Quick Reference

Demodocus said:
So, Steineke gave me a link to a research doc he started about the Westerlands. I think this is a really good start to mapping out and finishing the houses of the Westerlands.

The document has a color key: Green is COMPLETED, Gray is WIP, and Red is OPEN

A long time ago, I made a map of potential locations for these houses (see this map), but it will need to be updated with current builds, etc.

I also think that these "respositories" should be linked in someway to the main Maps thread for new builders that apply (maybe edit the first post?) So that the most updated map is always being used for applications, etc.

I will try to make another Westerlands map soon, Steineke said that he would help with plotting roads, which will greatly aid the push to finish SP1.

Research Doc

Demodocus said:
Alright, here's the first draft of the map. Remember, as always, this is a flexible document that considers input from everyone and may have errors. Please do your own research when applying for these builds but try to keep in mind how the entire region needs to fit together.

The yellow lines are uncompleted roads. If they are dashed, they could be mountain passes that are not used often and hard to follow.

I would suggest waiting until SP2 to apply for the southron builds (anything bordering the Reach) until we know how that will fit together.


Demodocus said:
Alright, a map update.

I've switched Hetherspoon and Greenfield. This puts Greenfield closer to the border of the Reach and the large "border" forest.

I also added the road values. Steineke has agreed to enter these values in the Trade and Transit doc. THANKS!


Luciano_I said:
Here is a very interesting read from the world book about the westerlands:

It has a looot of cannon, more houses and castles descriptions.
It is very long but worth it, especially because it tells the complete story of how tywin dealt with the reyes

Discs said:
I'm going to pool all the useful information from that here:

  • The Westerlands are rugged hills and rolling plains, of misty dales and craggy shorelines. Lakes, rivers, fertile fields, broadleaf forests. Most interestingly, doors carved into the hills, where many tunnels can be found. These have been used to excavate incredible amounts of wealth.
  • The Reynes of Castamere dug tunnels and created what was mostly an underground lair complete with fabulous mines.
  • Westerlings, who built the Crag high on the coast, above the sea
  • The mines haven’t emptied, and are considered the best in the world.
  • Wendwater Bridge. (Probably the seat of House Wendwater)
  • ...renovated Tarbeck Hall. Tarbeck expanded it’s holdings via local conquest, but Tytos ignored the complaints. Tarbeck went from 20 household knights to 500 by 255 AC.
  • Quellon...destroyed the Farman fleet.
  • ...our claws are as long and sharp as yours (not really useful, but it's awesome that it's an actual quote)
  • [Tarbeck Hall's] defenses were strong
  • ...the highest window of Tarbeck Hall
  • Tarbeck Hall was put to the torch
  • [Castamere] was a tougher nut to crack
  • 9/10 of Castamere was underground.
  • Castamere’s defenses were such that two knights could hold the entry tunnel against thousands of men, as it was so narrow.
  • Tywin commanded the mines be sealed. He then dammed the stream/lake (where Castamere gets its name), and had it diverted to the mine entrance, filling it with water. Not a person emerged, though screams were reported. No one has reopened the mines since, and the halls and keeps were put to torch.

So, some general overviews of the Westerlands, a little bit on Tarbeck Hall, and an awful lot on Castamere.
The history stuff, if not directly useful to us, was also rather interesting.

Demodocus said:
I've compiled a list of the coordinates for the missing houses in the Westerlands. If a mod would please follow the coords, find the orange markers, and make the warps, that would be sweet! This will make it easier for people to follow my map, apply for these builds, and also for roadmakers to connect things up a little better in this region. Sweet, thanks!!!


Note: The Reach and Stormlands are in this doc as well -- I will post the reminder in all of the threads ...

Demodocus said:
Here is a mock-up of the border between the Westerlands and the Reach, around the area between Turnberry, Red Lake or Silverhill and Ivy Hall.

Of course, whoever applies for Plumm, Broom, Jast, and Falwell (and I suppose Durwell and Conklyn as wel) can make whatever changes they want, but this was my way of deciding how we could use up this space effectively.