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Demodocus said:
Alright, so after a long wait, I've created a Vale map and research doc!

Research Doc
Map V.1

The Good News:
This region is sitting very well in terms of completion. I believe only House Donniger and the Paps (House Elesham) are open.

The Other News:
Like all the regions in the North and SP1, we are trying to piece everything together using a "standardized" road system which will be reflected in data "hardwired" into the game to determine fast travel and trading. The Vale is no exception. The trouble is that the Vale is very isolated and difficult to traverse.

My Opinion:
Although the Vale is practically inaccessible, I do think there are some mountain passes which can be used seasonally, but are still very dangerous. On the map, I've given them numbers, #5 being very hard #1 being the Bloody Gate (which is the "easiest" and therefore heavily guarded.) These passes would pose dangers to anyone trying to enter the Vale. Travelers would be almost certain to be attacked by mountain clans or shadowcats.

The Questing-Zones:
The design team is considering have regions that are not part of the political system, but have quests instead. I think the Vale would be a perfect place for some of these. There are plenty of houses on the eastern shores that will be part of the politics, but the Eyrie will be a "public" zone (like most of the Warden's seats of power, e.g. Winterfell, Highgarden). It would be strategically unfair for a player to "own" any part of the Vale, but there are still a lot of great chokepoints in this region for fun strategy. The three questing-zones I propose are the following --

The Vale of Arryn: A public area for the Warden. Entering will be tricky, but one inside it would be fairly safe. Certain political quests would require a player to travel here, but the region is "not for sale" as part of the Family system.

The Clans: A region dedicated to potential quests of those choosing to be or fight the Mountain Clans. Essentially, it could be an experience mine where people fight mountain clansmen or protect an NPC noble through the region as a sellsword.

The Lost River: I don't know what to do with this river basin, but it has great potential. I think we should keep it unbuilt and design a very special quest (maybe something religious?) that requires a player to explore on foot or something ...

So, that was a lot of game design stuff, which I hope makes sense ... in short ... the Vale is very close to being finished, but just needs to be pieced together!

This map is still in progress. If you are building on an approved build use the original applicant's map. I tried to consult ALL the project apps, but things change. Also, I will assign road values later ... DONE!

Edit: Uploaded map with roads!
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