Planning [Map Repository] Iron Islands


The Dark Lord Sauron
[OLD FORUM REPOST - 3/13/18]

Quick Reference

ThamusKnoward said:
I've compiled a Transit and Area Map of the Iron Islands. I will try to add some further detail to certain areas and outline terraforming tasks aswell. Currently it can be assumed that the Islands will be the first region that we can call completely finished! For this reason, I have decided that they will be the perfect testing ground for some of our RPG Plugins. I'd appreciate it if we could get the last 2 remaining projects done and start with adding the last touch of detail to the area.

Another reminder: Please help finishing the wiki articles on the Iron Islands! There are some projects that are long done but which never got some wiki love!!


Here is the map:

Legend (refering to this doc):
  • Green = Hidden Footpath (R1)
  • Yellow = Local Trail (R2)
  • Red = Local Road (R3)
  • Light Green = Minor Ocean Route (W2)
  • Light Cyan = Medium Ocean route (W4)
  • Light Blue = Major Ocean Route (W6)
  • Black = Border Lines between the Voronoi Areas (putatively sketched with Photoshop, not yet calculated!)

Full list of interconnections is here.