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Demodocus said:
Well, prompted by Dutch in this thread I started sorting out the remaining houses in the Crownlands. As with the Riverlands, this thread includes both a research doc, with some information and speculated about this map as well as the latest map of the Crownlands. We need more canon info for the doc, but I got a start on what ASOIAF says and my own thoughts about interpreting the names and information.

Thankfully, this was a little easier than the Riverlands. The only major factor was whether the house remained loyal to Stannis, in which logically most of them are on the coast or near Dragonstone and not completely landlocked.

Both the doc and the map are in flux, and if someone applies for one of these builds, you MUST DO ADDITIONAL RESEARCH. None of this, "Well, Demodocus map this map," NO! ... don't get me in trouble! :)

So far, the Riverlands map has held its own, so if this map looks good, someone can set the warps, we can plot out roads, and start applying for these houses (some of which actually belong to some pretty famous people!)

The Research Doc
The Map

Demodocus said:
Updated map, which fixes the Follard/Rambton issue and also adds the road values for future road painting.

Steineke96 said:
So after a lot of procrastinating, I finally finished the Crackclaw Point styleguide.
You can find it here.

If you have any feedback, let me know!