Hello I have been experiencing lag where whenever I move side to side it’s super slow kinda like I’m in water, and When it happens and it happens every 5-20 minutes I’m on, and I have to reset my computer which is a 2012 Mac Pro, I have Ram at 3.5 and 3, render at 6, what can I do?

im getting my Mac refurbished at Best Buy in two weeks, they wipe the computer and update stuff and I put stuff I want on a hard drive to keep I only plan on keeping the launcher should I keep the launcher? Or just re download it and let them wipe the whole computer?


The Dark Lord Sauron
Do you get any "rubber banding", where you move to a new location and then find yourself suddenly snapped back to a previous location? If so, that's a sign of a network connection issue and probably won't be fixed by getting a new computer. If it's just FPS lag, increasing memory and/or getting a better CPU should help.

It shouldn't matter whether you re-download the launcher or not unless you want to save any customizations you've made to it (but you'd need to save the library files, not the launcher app itself).


I don’t relly get the rubber banding,
I have a lot of memory left idk what it is, like I have Ram at 3 and 3.5 at the launcher, how can I increase memory like delete stuff? Or?

I’ll also ask Best Buy when I go in a couple weeks what else I can do