ItsPabs Forum Return


Hey guys, it's me Pabs it's good to see you. Anyway long ago I once had a normal forum account making my posts and posted my projects and so on. But after a hiatus on my part, I've returned to find my forum account has disappeared! I tried logging for a long time (for months I did this!) and to my continued demise I couldn't log on -- and I'd go on and do what I normally do and just join the server and say 'eh i'll try another day'. Well I guess the forums were updated or something but I realized I lost my account. Fortunately all I really had to do was make a new one - so here I am today! Alive and well!

I don't use the forums much, but I do build on the server a lot and have been working on Middlebury, so if a Mod could give me back my RIGHTFUL builder tag, I'd appreciate it. I've been working on finishing up Middlebury but it will take some more time, on a side node the Middlebury thread was also lost in the wreckage, but I'll make a new thread eventually closer to completion of the project.

Have a pleasant day everyone!! o_O