Dowager Countess of Grantham
There'd have to be a reason for having an app, I feel. We'd have to identify an aspect of how our community uses our various platforms that could be better served by an app. There's also an annual cost to publishing an app. But we're always open to suggestions of ways to make our community platforms more accessible. :)


I was actually noodling on how I'd make a Google Maps-like thing that allowed you to click on places and get information about places in Westeros, which I could hook up to an ingestion of the Overall Completion doc so you could go "I'm looking to lead a Project in X region, show me all the locations that are incomplete, orphaned or are over X years old", just because I always wish the Wiki got more love but it's not very fun to navigate. Also then you could have it like overlay colours for how complete different regions are as you zoom around so you'd effectively get a heat map of where attention needs to go.

That's not that much of a technical challenge, I could even use some of the code from the National Science Week app I just made, but it's just a f*ck of a data ingestion + correlation task to get started. And also its whole potential market is like... a few dozen people :p

Maybe I'll have a go in April, now that I have decided I'm going to take a few months off then :D