Inspiration&Worldbuilding [Read Before Posting!]

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Hey Guys, the idea is to have a more organized Inspiration for Worldbuilding Subforum here. This way, people working on specific stuff, for example a river (Mander Update 2017/18?), can search for the fitting thread and find lots of inspiration quick and easily.

There are gonna be threads about terraforming like:
[Terraforming] Rivers
[Terraforming] Forests
[Terraforming] Coastline
[Terraforming] Fields&Pastures

Of course there are also gonna be threads about anthropogenic features, like:
[Building] Houses
[Building] Ships
[Building] Towns and Cities
[Building] Castles

Or general Ideas about regional stuff:
[Inspiration] Dorne
[Inspiration] The North

When porting the old threads over I (help appreciated) am gonna put the posts into fitting threads.

So if you have something nice to share with us, please post it following the scheme described above!
Not open for further replies.