[Inspiration] Ethnographic documentaries YouTube channel: Eugenio Monesma - Documentales


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Hey all! I wanted to share something with all the community that I'm sure many will find both useful and interesting, inside and outside the server's scope. Eugenio Monesma - Documentales is one of my favourite YouTube channels, a source of information I've found to be incredibly valuable. The man behind it and who gave it his name is Eugenio Monesma, a TV documentary producer with over 40 years of experience on the field and more than 3200 docs produced about lost trades, crafts, customs, celebrations and rituals of Spain. Having made series for both nation-wide and regional TV channels, his collection houses knowledge about almost anything you can think of, one of the biggest and most valuable archives about the matter of the country.

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Begining in 2020, he has taken the task of uploading every single documentary he has made to YouTube, with over 400 currently available free for everyone to check, and regular uploads (more than one per week usually) ever since. Everything from the cultivation and processing of crops like wheat, barley, linen, sugarcane, dates, almonds, capers, garlic, hazelnuts, beans, sumac, chesnuts, lavander, peppers, saffron, tobacco... to the making of cider, olive oil, wine, beer, beard, cheese... (all on their many varieties), breeding of many farm animals and processing of their byproducts (wool, silk, leather...), hunting and fishing, many tasks done at the countryside, making of baskets, ceramics, tiles, roofing, hay, cobb, shoes, knifes, tools, coal..., popular knowledge about plants and their medicinal properties... If you need it it is probably here.

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Many of these documentaries were recorded in Aragón, a region in northeastern Spain. A few may notice the characteristic accent some of the interviewed display, typical from the area. Even then many more were made in other regions of Spain, as Eugenio has made series dedicated to both his homeland and the whole country.

Despite it being centered around these areas, I find the value of these pieces is far more than just inspiration for Dorne or the areas that use Iberia as a source. Not only are they an excellent way of learning how things were made back then, but also lot of the crafts displayed can be found in every corner of Westeros and beyond. Many will find here a way of understanding how certain processes worked in orther to represent them ingame. Given that they usually go step by step, they are a great guide one can follow to make a potter, a tannery, a farmstead, a smith or planning some fields according to the needs of the selected crop.

Besides this, I think it is safe to say that being an active member of this community tends to come with a series of shared interests among many of its members. I'm sure many of you will find this channel really interesting. Maybe you find parallels with your home customs, maybe they differ a lot, or maybe it can be a way of getting more in touch with the rural world, for those that don't have contact with it on the regular.

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One more thing, every single video is subtitled in several languages, including English, of course. And I'm talking about proper captations, not the crappy autogenerated YouTube ones, so feel free to enjoy them and be sure you will understand what's being talked about!