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While finishing up the Mander a lovely little spot has been created on the shores across from Ball, downriver from Woodwright.

It's this island with the white spot on it.


What could be built here? A ruined fort formerly used to fend off Iron Born raiders? A big old willow tree? A ferryman? Up to you.
Ive an idea for the site and its based off an old castle that once served a military purpose. Castle Moryń in Poland, east of the river Oder, was a castle built in the 1300s on the site of a medieval hill fort built some time between 400-800 ad. So what Im thinking is a large First Men ring fort with added Reach fortifications, but in a slightly ruined state; essentially a ruin on top of a ruin. I could add signs of nature reclamation.



I think that's a great idea, it could have been an old fortification built with the intention of defending the Mander from the Ironborn trying to sail up it, in the same manner as Tilbury Fort along the Thames. Ball would effectively be the equivalent of the town of Gravesend.



I have an idea for the island nearby ball

I was thinking of puting there an ancient castle of the House gardener, (Is thought to be the primitive castle of House Ball), being retrofitted as a manor for a Tyrell Baron, I did some tests for the building.

manor model.jpg
manor test.jpg



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I'd definitely be careful with the scale there. The island really isn't very big, and I'm not sure a major substantial ruin would realistic in that location. There is already a large ruin east of Woodwright town which is meant to have been the original Woodwright family seat, lost to the widening Mander, they settled a new manor in the heart of their lands.

Lovely ideas so far, but as Woodwright town has dykes along the entirety of it's river-front length, I wouldn't suggest building any inhabited structure on that island that isn't at least 3-4 metres above the water level. I'm not sure a manor would be suitable, due to the risk of flooding and inability to support farmland on it.
Here is a mini model of what I am thinking, for in a Reach Castle/First Men Ringfort Ruin on the Island based off Moryń Castle in the above post of mine. The island upon which the ruin sits will in itself be a hill rising 7 to 15+ meters above water and lush with overgrown trees and hedges. There will be a washed out bridge and path leading to the main gate (a surprisingly intact structure) and joined to it and the walls are two somewhat dilapidated buildings.

Alternatively, instead of making this an uninhabited castle slowly being reclaimed by nature, I could make it an inhabited castle that would act as a bulwark of defense for the Mander against Ironborn Raiders, like Tilbury Fort mentioned by DutchGuard. I would love to put my behemoth of a trebuchet somewhere on the continent and I think this island if it were to be inhabited would do. A trebuchet would make for great suppressive fire against Ironborn trying to sail up the Mander.

Btw I've been having problems with my computer recently and am afraid to use World Edit to copy over large portions of land such as this island to my plot. I wonder if one of you mods could help with that.



I think that's a great idea IronGentleGiant, though I do feel I've led you astray with Tilbury fort. It was constructed there and in such a way because it had an armament of canons. I've not found (yet) any references to siege weapons being used effectively against sailing ships. Something like a trebuchet (esp a large one) would likely be too inaccurate and too slow to reload to be used effectively against the fast Ironborn longships.

What I have found suggests that river forts were built only as early warning systems for places upriver, and had no means to attack ships.

Having said that we know that Stannis' fleet is attacked from the walls of King's Landing by a variety of siege weapons:
The singing almost drowned them out, but the sounds were there if you had the ears to hear: the deep moan of warhorns, the creak and thud of catapults flinging stones, the splashes and splinterings, the crackle of burning pitch and thrum of scorpions loosing their yard-long iron-headed shafts . . . and beneath it all, the cries of dying men.

On the walls of King’s Landing, spitfires were belching death, and the great trebuchets behind the Mud Gate were throwing boulders.

So, yeah. I guess in universe siege weapons are an effective measure against invasion by sea? I would still recommend multiple scorpions and catapults for flinging pitch instead of a single giant trebuchet though.

Also wtf is a spitfire. Like a flamethrower? Awesome.
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Also wtf is a spitfire. Like a flamethrower? Awesome.

When I built the Ringfort on Seal Rock at Whiteharbor, I believe the Spitfires were canonically referenced as flaming projectiles fired by catapult or at least thats what someone told me.

On the awoiaf wiki under the siege weapons subsection of the armament page spitfires are defined as a weapon that expels flames and it is linked to the Flamethrower article on wikipedia. Essentially a spitfire is possibly a type of Flamethrower and I believe there are medieval texts that describe early Flamethrowers used by the Ancient Greeks and other groups as being "able to spit fire across long distances." From this I surmise that the spitfire is most likely a rare Flamethrower siege weapon used likely for defense and suppressive fire against a attacking or besieging enemy. A good description for a Spitfire would prolly be the Greek fire mechanism that was used by the Byzantine military to attack their enemies on land or by sea. The Spitfire or rather our Westeros flamethrower prolly spews wildfire or some other flammable liquid, maybe flammable tar.


Yeah literally the above quote is the only time in the whole series he uses the term "spitfire" so it could be anything that "belches death" which certainly conjures up images of Greek Fire.

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