Abandoned House Deddings - Rattlez


Right, so after resuming my Deddings project I've been having a bunch of trouble with the landscaping and terrain in and around the Deddings lands. Quite frankly everything West of hamlet 1 is too noisy and too hilly for my liking. What I'd like permission to do Is work with the terraforming of the Dedding's lands, to make it much less steep, much less noisy and quite a bit lower than at present.

My hopes are that this will allow me a more picturesque landscape rising lazily from the river rather than steeply (as is currently the case), which will in turn make the fields, roads and hamlets easier to plan out and build without fear of a 15 block high difference within a 50 block square.

All The things that have currently been built will be saved and added back once the terraforming is done with. I’m hoping to do all of this myself but I might also be forced to ask for editor help every now and then.