Harrenhal Redo Discussion Megathreat


We have decided to implement a wooden palisade for the town based on several reasons:
  • While throughout history, although Harrentown was once considered the fourth largest city in Westeros, it was purely because of an event that took place. Occupants would have left after the Great Council had concluded and the town returned to its former self.
  • We believe that Harrentown does not participate in enough import and export of goods to constitute large walls, but instead acts as a hub within the Gods Eye area.
  • We agree with the points made by both Estoop and Dutch. Harrentown sits in the shadow of Harrenhal and exists purely because of the existence of the castle. The town would depend on security from the castle so taking time to import and build stone for walls is a bit unnecessary.
  • As mentioned by Dutch, towns and villages have been known to build their own wooden palisade walls in preparation to war. A ramshackle and hastily built wall also fits within the vibe we are trying to achieve for the town and general area.
  • We have implemented an 'old wall' within the town limits. This helps portray that the town has moderately expanded throughout its life. The castle and town have also deteriorated, progressively getting worse throughout the centuries.

Ravish, Ric, and Scub