GoT art print to get rid of

Hey folks,

My partner and I are moving into the house we just bought next week and I have taken this chance to cleanup a bunch of stuff. Especially, between the two of us, we have SO much art that it just won’t fit in our new place. I am giving a bunch to local stores but I thought this particular silly piece might find more love here (Spoilers for Season 4 enclosed):

(As you can see, this portrays an “alternate history” ending to the battle between Oberyn Martell and The Mountain and was purchased off a fan art tumblr account and custom framed because I saw it online and just really liked it)

Ruler for scale:

I’m happy to let it go to a happy home, but pending who is interested I may ask for coverage of some postage costs from Australia. Also happy to send it framed or just rolled up
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Oh actually, while I’m here I also have a copy of the V&A Museum Exhibit companion book that featured WesterosCraft (albeit screenshotted by that dude who used the wrong textures but it still looks good). The curators were really nice and signed it and sent it to me as a surprise and I love it very much but it just sits on my shelf of precious books and I always thought it might be a nice “Travelling Pants” equivalent for the server if people wanted to send it around and share the love.


lmk if interested ❤