Getting around the block ID limit.


The Dark Lord Sauron
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Well, we’ve learned that A isn’t really as much of an issue as we thought it was - I still have no idea what was causing inventory block IDs to roll over into the 4xxx range, but according to Mike we’re not even close to the upper limit.

In any case, I wouldn’t want to touch the concretes because I like having dedicated colored blocks to use for WE placeholders, pixel art in Test, etc. The flowers are also used to provide “pottable” equivalents for a handful of our custom flowers (I had to use kinda hacky CTM to accomplish this while also making them DO-NOT-USE when placed normally). The woods are game, however I wouldn’t want to stray far from a wood-related texture for those, and I don’t think adding new generic wood variants is feasible for us now.


How does the Conquest Reforged team get around these issues?
Bit of a late update on my last explanation, we have now almost finished development of Conquest Reforged on 1.15.2 and are able to have basically infinite blocks IDs (11,618 as of this post). This of course means we don't have to use hacky workarounds with metadata as I had detailed in my previous comment and generally makes life a lot easier on the development side of things. We are also using a custom world converter to transfer all 1.12.2 builds to 1.15.2 while keeping them (mostly) intact so large projects such as ArdaCraft won't need to be started from scratch. The additional bonus of being on 1.13+ is once you are past that version world converters are no longer needed as each mod has personal IDs and they won't shift around when vanilla blocks are added in future MC updates (which is very convenient if you want to utilize 1.17 world height eventually).