ErFranco Builder Application


What is your Minecraft username?

What is your age?

In what country are you living?

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
Mostly the politics and military strategies that we see in the series and books, especially the conflicts and the alliances beetwen the different families and houses, oh and also dragons are cool

What is your favorite build on our server?
I like many of them, but i think Casterly Rock is really impressive and majestic.

Why do you want to join our server?
Because i really like the idea of a minecraft server representing westeros, and therefore i would like to be part of it, i also have some experience in minecraft and in medieval builds

apphouse screenshot 12.0.pngapphouse screenshot 13.0.pngapphouse screenshot 1.0.pngapphouse screenshot 2.0.pngapphouse screenshot 3.0.pngapphouse screenshot 6.0.pngapphouse screenshot 7.0.pngapphouse screenshot 8.0.pngapphouse screenshot 9.0.pngapphouse screenshot 10.0.png

Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Snow
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The Dark Lord Sauron
Staff member
Hey SamueleFranco,

Sorry about the long delay - for future submissions, feel free to ping me if it's been more than several days with no reply.

Nice work with the apphouse! The second attempt looks pretty good. Just one small detail, the seat at the table should use dark thatch rather than light thatch. In general, you want to avoid having blocks next to each other that contrast harshly in cases such as this.

Anyways, hope the exercise was helpful for learning our server's building style. For subsequent challenge builds, you'll be expected to build original houses of your own design, in the style of specific locations on our server. However, I recommend thinking of it similarly to the application house - except now, instead of simply replicating a house, you should try to replicate particular elements of multiple houses, and synthesize them into an original creation. After each one I'll give some feedback.

For the first challenge build, please make a medium-sized house in the style of /warp woodwright. Let me know if you have any questions about anything. Good luck!