Editor needed for Conklyn


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A good day to all those who find this thread :3

I am in dire need of an Editor to help me with my Conklyn project, as I have no clue how to use WE or voxelsniper.

Your job will be to make roads, froestation and deforestation, flattening and moving things.
I will also need your help for planning Brandybottom, witch will be mostly making roads and flattening. A schedule of meet ups will be discussed after someone will apply, eather here or ingame.

I'd be very happy to see anyone to come to my aid~ <3
Thank you~
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A good day to all whom come across this thread :3

After a couple months I have aquired E-Lite and can do most of the things I discribed all the way back in November, but I cannot make field easily, which should have been mentioned before.
I am unable to make the Macros mod to work, not for vanilla MC or WC, so that poses the first problem. I know of a way to make them without any mods that make it simpler ,courtesy of Duck ,but with school coming to the months of endless oral exams and tests along with competitions and NPZ, I don't think I'll find the time to learn all that ontop of my studies. So to anyone with WEing powers who finds this theard, I'd like you to consider doing this kindness for me. :D

Thank you~ <3


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I’m getting around to making a tutorial for macro installation as I know a lot of new e-lites have no clue about it, it’s a great tool, that I’d argue is needed.

For now though if you make a map of what you need done I can get fields done easily!


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