Editor-Lite Application Process


Dear WesterosCraft,

After much confusion regarding Editor-Lite permissions and requests, the staff team has decided to make a concrete set of rules and guidelines for applying for and having Editor-Lite.

Application template for applying for E-Lite

  • Have you been a builder for at least 3 months? (Yes/No)
  • Do you have prior experience and proof of proficiency with WorldEdit/Voxel? (make a test in singleplayer) (Provide Imgur album of final product AND in-progress shots of the terraform)
  • What is your extraordinary scenario where having a full Editor do the task would be unreasonable?

Even if your E-lite application is accepted, the staff team reserves the right to remove E-lite permissions for any given reason. This includes issues of quality of work made by the E-lite applicant not being up to standards.

Please realize that, before applying, saying that you don't want to bug editors is not a valid reason to apply for E-lite. Editors are builders who have agreed to have the additional responsibility of helping builders with WE requests; that is why they have the permissions. Furthermore, at the time of writing this, we have more editors now than we have ever had.

For clarification's sake, you should only be applying for E-lite if you have copious experience and/or have a task that is extremely repetitive (Forest making, field laying, road painting; this does NOT include cliff/mountain/island/river/lake terraforms!)

Please post any applications or questions in the comments of this thread.

I need this for some basic stuff for my durwell project, like field making and foresting. Nothing major just easy tasks that I dont want to bother an E with.


Went over the app in-game with Duck, addressed a couple issues (light foliage borders rather than stone walls, etc.). Everything else seems fine, so approved!


[...] basic stuff for my durwell project, like field making and foresting. Nothing major just easy tasks [..]
Don't underestimate the work you need for a forest, especially since there is a large forest in your lands. You should start with a small area, and follow steps like:
-Deleting old trees
-Filling holes
-Replacing everything with a placeholder
-Fill trees at a nice density
-Add ground cover like stumps, fallen trees, stones, lots of bushes
-Replace ground placeholder with a fitting mix (write down)
-Find a nice gras/forest plant mix (write down)
After you are happy with that small area, do everything on a large scale step after step, should be faster.


I'd like apply for E-lite because I feel Kulmen only signed for my build for the River terraforming. I just want to place roads, fields, do some forests if I can.

Hello, I've decided to apply for E-lite because I'm planning to do a couple of minis and eventually a small project myself and therefore I find it rather helpful to have E-lite by my side.
This includes doing light terraforming, foresting smaller areas, creating fields, crops and roads.
As you can see below in the album, I've used my previous WE experience to prove that I can use the tools well enough.
This includes the brushes, in this case sphere and cyl with mask to create the road and ground on the small hill, as well as plopping down trees using the tree tool.
With the wand I plopped down the fields and then the crops.
I know the result isn't aesthetic and it wasn't supposed to be, it's just a proof that I can use WE well enough to be self-sufficient in smaller-scale builds.



Hey Von,

On the server there’s an area called /warp editorfree4all, we’ve been having people interested in E-lite make a diorama there as an application. Ask a mod in-game to give you E-lite and set you up with an area at editorfree4all, practice using it a bit more (our server has the schematic brush tool as well), and then make a full diorama resembling something you might actually make in a project.



My extraneous circumstances are that for the project which I am taking up/fostering there will be plenty of snow work (the Horror :p), mountain work, as well as adding and removing forest. This will also include making snowy fields and pastures which make up a sizeable portion of the terra necessary.
I'd like to do as much as possible myself as to save editors time and effort so that they can help with more strenuous or detail heavy terra (waterfalls, large valleys, large watercourses like rivers, lakes and streams, frozen wetlands) in addition to upskilling my own WE abilities.
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