Editor Assistance for Musgood


Ok so here we go!

I am posting asking for some editor assistance with Musgood. I am currently in the process of learning WE, however I am not skilled enough to do some of the more advanced work that’s needed to finish the project. I am finishing up the castle now and would like to get the ball rolling on the surrounding lands!

Here I will outline the list of things that need to be done separated by tasks that I am capable of doing myself at my current level vs things that I’m not quite comfortable with yet:

Doable by me:

· Roads (includes unfinished lengthy road to Fawnton that I have volunteered to complete)

· Fields (I *should* be all set with these, unless I run into any problems)

· General smoothing/terrain editing (simple stuff for the most part there isn’t a lot that needs changing to the terrain as is

Not Doable by me:

· Creek/beginning of river:

o This is arguably the biggest task as it needs to be quite long and travel quite a distance. It requires some land terra to get it from point A to point B. There is already a current path laid out in game

o Full details can be referred to in the pdf I saved of my thread here

· Forests:

o I’m comfortable placing trees but not so much when it comes to full on forests and there is going to be a lot forestation around the lands. I’ve already put some time into figuring out what species I think would be a best fit.

Thanks for reading and thank you to anyone who can lend a helping hand!