Discussion of re-organising projects for "list of projects" document


Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
So I’ve encountered a problem. House Smallwood of Acorn hall is canonically a vassal of Wayfarers Rest, but they’re super far away from there and in fact close to the Vances in atranta.


Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
Okay I've begun weeding out what i consider "insignificant" builds from the list this includes, canon villages, fields, mills etc, essentially small builds which in the past were considered to be "projects". I will assign these builds a House based on the map.

Battlevalley - assigned to Blackwood lands.
Bechester - assigned to Goode lands.
BlackBuckle - assigned to Blackwood lands.
Brindlewood - appears to be part of the Crownlands, not the Riverlands?
Buckle - assigned to Blackwood lands.
Cairns - assigned to Blackwood lands.
Claypool - assigned to Blackwood lands.
Crones mill - assigned to Belgrave lands.
Crossroads Inn - assigned to Heddle lands.
Crossbow ridge - assigned to Blackwood lands.
Crossed Elms - assigned to Vance of Wayfarers lands.
Fieldstone - assigned to Darry lands.
Grindcorn mill - assigned to Blackwood lands.
Harbury - assigned to Ryger lands.
Harrentown - assigned to Harrenhal lands.
Honeytree- assigned to Blackwood lands.
Inn of Kneeling man - assigned to Bracken lands.
Lambswold - assigned to Bracken lands.
Lancewood - assigned to Nutt lands.
Harroways Town - assigned to Roote lands.
Nutten - assigned to Heddle lands.
Merry down dell - assigned to Justman lands.
Mory - assigned to Bracken lands.
Mousedown Mill - assigned to Darry lands.
Mummer's ford - assigned to Smallwood lands.
Old forge - assigned to Fairmarket lands.
Penny tree - assigned to Blackwood lands.

(part 1)
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Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
Riverlands sept - assigned to Stoneysept lands.
Rushing falls - assigned to Harrenhal lands.
Sallydance - assigned to Smallwood lands.
Ser warrens towerhouse - assigned to Bracken lands.
Sherrer - assigned to Shawney lands.
Skipping stones/Red deer Island - assigned to Shawney lands.
Sludgy pond - assigned to Darry lands.
Spiderwood - assigned to Piper lands.
Swynford - assigned to Stoneysept lands.
They lay with lions inn - assigned to Bracken lands.
Tumbler's falls - assigned to Towers lands.
Waspwood- assigned to Blackwood lands.
Wendish Town - assigned to Shawney lands.
White willow - assigned to Ryger lands.
Wheatfield - assigned to Whent lands.
Bowshot bridge - assigned to Strong lands.
Hag's mire - assigned to Nayland lands.
Lady of the leaves - assigned to Pemford lands.
Ramsford - assigned to Fairmarket lands.
Riverbend - assigned to Heddle lands.
Sevenstreams - assigned to Nayland lands.
Stonemill - assigned to Pemford lands.
Stonyhead - assigned to Cox lands.
Whitewalls - assigned to Roote lands.
Old willow - assigned to Strong lands.
God's Eye town - assigned to Whent lands.
Donnelwood - assigned to Towers lands.
Greenhill - assigned to Greenhill lands.

(part 2)
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Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
Here's a new version of the map taking in Emil's points in some regions.



Knight of Fairmarket
Decided to organise Waz's list a little:

  • Crone's mill
  • Battlevalley
  • Blackbuckle; a village
  • Buckle; a village
  • Cairns; a village
  • Claypool; a village
  • Crossbow ridge
  • Grindcorn mill
  • Honeytree; a village
  • Penny tree; a village
  • Waspwood
  • Inn of the kneeling man
  • Lambswold; a village
  • Mory; a village
  • Burning mill
  • Ser Warrens towerhouse
  • They lay with lions inn
  • Stonyhead; a village or holdfast (or both)
  • Fieldstone; a village
  • Mousedown mill; a village
  • Sludgy pond; a sept
  • Oldforge; a ruin
  • Ramsford; a village
  • Bechester; a village with a motherhouse
  • Greenhill, technically vassal of Blackwood
  • Harrentown; a town
  • Rushing falls; a river of sorts?
  • Crossroads inn
  • Nutten; a town
  • Riverbend; a village
  • Hag's mire; a village
  • Sevenstreams; a village, though personally I'd split these up, the terrain is a bitch to handle
  • Lancewood; a village or forest
  • Lady of the leaves; a hidden village in a forest
  • Stonemill; a river crossing, probably a ford
  • Spiderwood; a village
  • Harroways Town; a town
  • Whitewalls; a ruin
  • Willow Wood; a castle
  • Harbury; I have no clue
  • White Willow; a village
Justman (Merrydown)
  • Merrydown dell; a village
  • Sherrer; a village with holdfast
  • Skipping stones/Red deer island
  • Wendish Town; a town
  • Mummer's ford
  • Sallydance; a village
Stoney Sept
  • Riverlands sept
  • Swynford; a village
Strong (Old Willow)
  • Bowshot bridge; possibly a village, most definitely a bridge
  • Old Willow; a village
Towers (Tumbler's Falls)
  • Tumber's falls; a town
  • Donnelwood; a village
Wayfarer's Rest
  • Crossed Elms; a village
Whent (God's Eye town)
  • Wheatfield; no idea, probably a field with wheat
  • God's Eye town; a town
Riverlands Rejects
  • Brindlewood; a village


I had an idea, what if some empty lands didn't belong to noble houses, but the Faith? Like in the real world, the faith's septries would control good chunks of terrain and could include more hamlets and farmlands/vineyards
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Knight of Fairmarket
I think filling the land with interesting sites, such as septries, hamlets, holdfasts, woods, farms and vineyards, is the responsibility of project leads and moderators that approve plans. It doesn't matter how it's done, but I think incorperating it into larger projects might be the best solution.

However, I can see smaller projects working as well, for example as a first independent project for new builders. We could combine it, since some empty locations are between finished projects.


House Smallwood of Acorn hall is canonically a vassal of Wayfarers Rest, but they’re super far away from there and in fact close to the Vances in atranta.

Acorn Hall's position on our map is canon per WOIAF and LOIAF -- moving Wayfarer's Rest to exchange its position with that of Atranta would be the easiest solution. Though I'm certain that we had that discussion at one point, but I don't remember what the conclusion was.
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Staff member
  • Battlevalley
  • Blackbuckle; a village
  • Buckle; a village
  • Cairns; a village
  • Claypool; a village
  • Crossbow ridge
  • Grindcorn mill
  • Honeytree; a village
  • Penny tree; a village
  • Waspwood

If I remember correctly, when Raventree Hall was previously built, all of these were included in the lands but divvied out to other builders rather informally (e.g., I got Cairns simply by asking the build leader). If we're planning on a redo, something similar could happen (but obviously more systematically with our miniproject system).
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Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
Yeah the purpose of this isn't really to redo or encourage redo, but to fill in the parts of the map that are disconnected, as you've just stated these were distributed informally. there's a couple blank triangles around that area of the map that could be filled with forest, infact I'd be cool with updating the forest to be like of Shawney and the woodhedge are @EStoop what's you opinion on that FM is just north of this collection of villages?
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Knight of Fairmarket
I have actually made plans for the Blackwood area since I plan to do the project after Oldflowers (and Fairmarket obviously). In the plans I divided the project into 5 sub-regions of varying size; the Blackwood Vale, the Waspwood, Lorgen's Wood, Mudgrave and Greenhill, each with several villages and locations in it, centered in/around the canon location they are named after.

To give a quick summary without showing half of the plans:
  • Blackwood Vale; Raventree Hall (castle), the Teats (geography), Pennytree (village), Rutting Meadow (geography).
  • Mudgrave; Mudgrave (town), Lord’s Mill (mill), Crossbow Ridge (geography).
  • Lorgen’s wood; Lorgen’s wood (forest), Muddy Hall (ruin), Cairns (village), Claypool (village), Battle Valley (ruin).
  • Waspwood; Waspwood (forest), Honeytree (village), Grindcorn mill (mill), Woodhedge (ruin).
  • Greenhill; Greenhill (holdfast), Buckle (village), Blackbuckle (village), the Ravishment (ruin).
Although the placement of these locations are not canon, and some are moved a bit within the Blackwood lands, the clustering of locations in this manner doesn't contradict canon and also takes into account the claims of the Brackens and the path of Vhagar.
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Waz another problem is the placement of house perryn, according to WOIAF that part of the map belongs to the westerlands, we could move perryn to some other empty location since it doesn’t have any cannon.
Apart from that, it seems that u are using all the houses that in the past have had possession of harrenhall, these houses are all extinct according to cannon. As far as we know even house whent doesn’t have any lands after beeing streeped of them by Tywin.
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The house whent thing is irrelevant, the lands would still be the same no matter who owned them. The extinct houses could still have a seat somewhere prior to having gained Harrenhal as well, much as the Manderly's once held Dunstonbury. Ruins or knightly keeps won't make a big impact on such a thing, and even if the names of extinct houses are used you can always change the lords name later
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Lord Paramount of The Riverlands

As far as I can tell using this map would cause way too much disruption to what we have established over the years as the riverlands, and indeed other regions based on fan made maps. As for the extinct houses, I discussed them on the other thread, they're just placed to fill up lands as there is frankly not enough houses to go round that fit the way we've distributed them. The extinct houses is tbh probably the last issue to address overall, as frankly I'm unsure if we should just make up houses.