Desmandis Builder Application


What is your Minecraft username?

What is your age?

In what country are you living?

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?
Searched online

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
My favourite Charakters are Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth.

What is your favorite build on our server?
The Wall

Why do you want to join our server?
I wanna join the server to not anymore only watch but build more.

2021-09-27_16.00.33.png2021-09-27_16.00.27 - Kopie.png2021-09-27_16.00.40.png2021-09-27_16.00.51.png2021-09-27_16.01.02.png2021-09-27_16.01.35.png2021-09-27_16.02.37.png

Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Snow


The Dark Lord Sauron
Staff member
Hey Heidelbaer,

Sorry about the long delay - for future submissions, feel free to ping me if it's been more than several days with no reply.

Overall it seems like you did a pretty good job with the apphouse, however you have some texture issues that are keeping some stuff from rendering properly. Make sure you've installed Optifine with whichever launcher you're using (see Step 2 here if using GDLauncher). Also, for future submissions, you should use the normal/default FOV setting, since otherwise it makes it a bit hard for me to judge depth.

Anyways, hope the exercise was helpful for learning our server's building style. For subsequent challenge builds, you'll be expected to build original houses of your own design, in the style of specific locations on our server. However, I recommend thinking of it similarly to the application house - except now, instead of simply replicating a house, you should try to replicate particular elements of multiple houses, and synthesize them into an original creation. After each one I'll give some feedback.

For the first challenge build, please make a medium-sized house in the style of /warp woodwright. Let me know if you have any questions about anything. Good luck!