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Hey guys myself and some other builders have used the website "burgrekonstruktion.de" in the past for inspiration, It's a website containing thousands of drawings of German castles, I believe it may actually be all of the Holy Roman Empire not just Germany, however I'm not 100% sure on that. However this website has recently been down over the past couple of days, so I decided to take initiative and try to save as much of the images from it as possible. I managed to get my hands on 112 images from the site, and I may purchase the books that they're originally from if the website doesn't return.

Amazon link to the books

Waz's Imgur link to saved images


The site was organized by the Bundesländer of Germany, and it seems the download section is still active. So I specifically searched the site for files ending in .pdf and voila:






Grab em while they're hot! Imma try get some more!

Edit: Nope. Seems to be all I can get out :( But here's a bunch of neat bonus links:

Search 5000 castles by region: http://www.burgenwelt.org/lokal-welt.php

A list of german keeps/donjons/bergfriede: http://home.wtal.de/bernges/namelist.htm

Panorama shots of castle exteriors and church interiors in 17 countries: http://www.panoramaburgen.de/

Specific castles across Europe pinned on google maps:

For those who can comfortably read German, buried on here is a collection of original literature sources: http://www.deutsche-burgen.org/

Very specific castles of the Pfalz region of Germany: http://www.burgen-rlp.de/
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