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    From the r/freefolk Game of Thrones subreddit, in a comment thread about a meme, and I was immediately intrigued and got playing right away.

    Nothing I enjoy more than Game of Thrones!

    All of the above

    My favorite character in the ASOIAF universe is Sandor Clegane, just because he is so masterfully portrayed in the show. He is the embodiment of humor mixed with fighting ability, and his obligation to look after Arya makes him a man of selfishness, but also a caring nature. His transformation from a ragged dog, who is forced to obey the commands of a king, to a man who takes morality and ethics into consideration makes his character arc one of the most interesting in the show.

    I feel like I can use creativity in a way that will affect the server in a positive way. I used to spend a very long amount of time playing Minecraft, building whatever came to my imagination. Because of arrangements I have made in life, I have a lot of free time to put a lot of time and dedication into any build on the server. Even the smallest builds will warrant from me, a detailed and unique project.

    I would very much enjoy becoming a builder on this server because I believe I could use my love and enthusiasm toward the ASOIAF world, and my love for minecraft, to pour my heart and soul into every build that I do. This would instill my love for the series, despite the quite disappointing ending the show is going to get, and in turn, will benefit the server. Also, the people I have met so far on the server have been very nice and considerate, and motivated me to apply for builder. People like Margaery_Tyrell, Cobb, and Garlan_Tyrell have been nothing but helpful to me so far.

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  2. Hey Bobby, glad to see you decided to apply!

    While your build certainly demonstrates creativity, it isn't really what we're looking for with our application process. What we want to see is that you can create a house that fits into the server's style, both in terms of interiors and exteriors.

    I would recommend spending some time around some of our newer builds (for example: King's Landing, White Harbor, Highgarden, Fairmarket, Stoney Sept, Uffering, Bandallon, Westbrook etc) and getting a taste for some of the nuances of our style - things like house layouts, roof angles, building materials and acceptable interiors. You may find this guide invaluable in learning some of the basics that we take for granted.

    My personal recommendation (which I quickly shared with you in game) is to find a build that you want to create a house in the style of (a place like Uffering or White Harbor would be a great place to start) and find 5 houses that you particularly admire. From there, take screenshots of those 5 houses and use those to help guide your own build in singleplayer.

    Good luck!
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