Block Change Request: White Wool Stairs


Request: White Wool Stairs

Request Type: General Addition

Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes.
Could be useful for tents and other kinds of cloth hangings. Currently, the only fabric-looking stairs are the thatch ones and the Mance's camp hide stairs. Wool stairs would look more like the canvas/linen used in warmer weather tents where hides might not be as practical.

Types of evidence to support your request: Historical

Historical Evidence
Historic tents were commonly made of canvas or linen.

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I'd like to revisit this request since with the upcoming Riverrun and possible Harrenhal redos, having wool stairs would be essential to depict a proper war camp (per canon Robb and Tywin are camped there in our timeline) and atm its very difficult to make decent tents that aren't bottom tier poor or upper class nobility.

For the sake of block parity Id also recommend expanding it to a full set of wool stairs,