Block Change Request: Shield Blocks


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Request: Shield Blocks

Request Type: Change

Try to describe all current uses of the block you request to be changed. Do you foresee any issues/ problems that could result from changing the block?
I would like to propose addition of shield blocks, right now we only have a 1x1 painting to represent shields, which I think has a bunch of major flaws:
- it takes ages to get the right one.
- it has to follow painting placement criteria.

I would like to propose a shield block similar to the type of blocks we use for our 2D wheel, furthermore it should be possible to make it a multi block texture, for example a 2x1 could form a normal shield, while 1x1 could still be our regular shield. Furthermore a biome specific shields could be implemented with this change too - as having a specific style of shields for biomes unique to a certain region would help bring the world to life.

This change would also greatly benefit ship building, especially that of long-ships as we would no longer be forced to grind painting for half and hour.

As long as we retain our old shield painting I do not see this creating any issues with existing builds - perhaps only those that use shutters for shields, as it would probably out-date few armor stands around the server.

Types of evidence to support your request: Historical, Canon

Historical Evidence
Shields... are shields.... they were used for like blocking stuff...

Canonical Evidence
Plenty of canon instances of shields being a thing in westeroscraft...

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The Dark Lord Sauron
I'd like to replace all the paintings with blocks at some point, but it's tricky because (a) we don't have any current block type that can automatically generate an nxm array of blocks, and I'm not really sure what the technical limitations are there (this doesn't matter for 1x1 or 2x1 though), and (b) I'm not sure if there's an easy way to automatically replace old paintings, since those are entities rather than blocks.