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Request: Cage block CTM

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Try to describe all current uses of the block you request to be changed. Do you foresee any issues/ problems that could result from changing the block?
I'd like for the cage block to get a CTM. Basically, the bottom of the block right now is solid black, so when stacked it shows on each layer, kind of breaking the illusion of an iron bar window. It would be used in iron bar windows or to make bigger cages. It'd also be a cute addition to some of our more mediterranean styles.

If possible, it'd be nice if we could get this texture in the shape of a "dornish carved window" block so it could be used with more precision. However, the change I'm proposing here will be good for now.

Types of evidence to support your request: Historical

Historical Evidence
Iron grilles have been used to protect windows and entrances on various types of buildings throughout history.

Here's a wIkIpEdIa article:

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Not really possible to do with CTM unfortunately, since the vertical CTM looks for faces/tiles arranged in a vertical pattern rather than the block as a whole. It’s the same issue with arrow slits and why they have invisible tops and bottoms. I could make the bottom of the cage texture the same as the sides, though, or consider any other alternative ideas.


Could maybe need to add a variant with no bottom? Like the iron bar and iron crossbar, in a way.
But it would just be adding 1 block (and not like with arrow slits if we needed to add a variant with top/bottom, it would be far too many).


Excellent idea! I've seen people use the Iron fence but it's clunky and doesn't have the horizontal bars.

I would love to move away from using the cage block for all kinds of iron grilles. Mainly because I had hoped that one day we could have bird cages like these. I'd suggest adding a versatile Iron Grille block that can be placed horizontally and vertically, that has some CTM-like magic so you can do designs like this (where the iron is on the outside and wraps around, 2) or like this (where it's inside the opening). That should cover the following instances of usage of the cage block: Spire decoration, Gibbet, Large "human-sized" cages, and well covers.

Ideally, for drains and barbeques we'd get another block with a finer grid, and for a fire grate I'd rather add a dedicated slab-sized block.
A grate block like that would mean an insert into fireplaces somewhat like how braziers have been used to represent a fireplace with a grill. Would it be possible to have both active and inactive versions?
Another thing to have would be a half-wattle like block as a fire grill that would likely also get use as a cage/bar/barrier block as well.
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