Block Change Request: Bronze Helmets for Thenn and Royce of Runestone

Request: Bronze Helmets for Thenn and Royce of Runestone

Request Type: Unique Addition (specific to a build, region, or culture)

Describe the use of this block in said build, region, or culture. How is it unique? To the best of your knowledge how could it be used in a different context?
What makes Thenns stand apart from other wildlings is their use of metalwork, particularly bronze helmets and armour. Creating either a specific bronze helmet block or a biome variant (for Taiga/Beyond the Wall specific biome as suggested on the mega thread would allow the Thenn area of Mance’s Camp to stand out from the rest.
This block could then be also used in select circumstances like First Men tombs and barrows and as ceremonial armour for house Royce.

Types of evidence to support your request: Canon

Canonical Evidence
Thenns are often better equipped than most free folk, with bronze helms, axes of bronze and a few of chipped stone, short stabbing spears with leaf-shaped heads, bronze swords, leather shirts sewn with bronze discs and scales - Wiki of Ice and Fire referencing ASOS
The Royces are proud of their descent from the First Men. They have several sets of ancient bronze plate armor inscribed with runes that are thought to make their wearers immune to injury. -AWOIAF

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This is tricky, I feel like if we make a push in this direction we'd need to make a bigger push and rework our arms blocks in general ... We have a helmet, a broken sword, and a sword rack block and to cover canon or historical accuracy we need to go a lot further than that.

It's also a bit of a combinatorial explosion to consider the state of the item: Polished i.e. reddish/gold-coloured, or oxidised i.e. greenish/iron-coloured.
The reference images were mostly for shape but in thinking back on them, maybe having a simple bucket helm with flaps attached to the side, rather than the Illyrian helms. So more like the third.

The state of the item would preferably be a fresh reddish-gold coloured rather than the oxidised green-brown.

I did intend them as part of a selection of blocks that would help make Beyond the Wall not a monotonous landscape of snowlayers and dark trunks and leaves, not to mention settlements that had practically the same furnishings again and again despite the huge differences between men of the frozen shore, thenns and the crab lovers.