Block Change Request: Add Pitchfork


Request: Add Pitchfork

Request Type: General Addition

Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes.
To our common tools and utensils, I'd like to add an essential staple of the medieval peasant life and folklore: The Pitchfork!

In 3D and with a texture to match my other requests.


Types of evidence to support your request: Historical, Canon

Historical Evidence
Wikipedia provides the following high-level historic evidence:

In Europe, the pitchfork was first used in the early Middle Ages, at about the same time as the harrow.[4] Such pitchforks were made entirely of wood, lacking the metal tines of later pitchforks.[3]

The painting "Les Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry juin" from ~1412-1416 shows the rough length, material and shape of a very simple two-pronged pitchfork:

Three-pronged pitchforks can be seen on this mural from an Egyptian burial chamber (circa 1422-1411 BCE):

Canonical Evidence
"And Shagga son of Dolf." That was the first voice, deep and deadly. A boulder shifted to their left, and stood, and became a man. Massive and slow and strong he seemed, dressed all in skins, with a club in his right hand and an axe in his left. He smashed them together as he lumbered closer.

Other voices called other names, Conn and Torrek and Jaggot and more that Tyrion forgot the instant he heard them; ten at least. A few had swords and knives; others brandished pitchforks and scythes and wooden spears. He waited until they were done shouting out their names before he gave them answer. "I am Tyrion son of Tywin, of the Clan Lannister, the Lions of the Rock. We will gladly pay you for the goat we ate."

"What do you have to give us, Tyrion son of Tywin?" asked the one who named himself Gunthor, who seemed to be their chief.
- A Game Of Thrones, Tyrion VI

"There she is," a voice hissed close behind her.

Startled, Arya whirled. A stableboy stood behind her, a smirk on his face, his filthy white undertunic peeking out from beneath a soiled jerkin. His boots were covered with manure, and he had a pitchfork in one hand. "Who are you?" she asked.

"She don't know me," he said, "but I knows her, oh, yes. The wolf girl."
- A Game Of Thrones, Arya IV

The big bad-tempered courser wore neither armor, barding, nor harness, and the Hound himself was garbed in splotchy green roughspun and a soot-grey mantle with a hood that swallowed his head. So long as he kept his eyes down you could not see his face, only the whites of his eyes peering out. He looked like some down-at-heels farmer. A big farmer, though. And under the roughspun was boiled leather and oiled mail, Arya knew. She looked like a farmer's son, or maybe a swineherd. And behind them were four squat casks of salt pork and one of pickled pigs' feet.

The riders split and circled them for a look before they came up close. Clegane drew the wayn to a halt and waited patiently on their pleasure. The knight bore spear and sword while his squires carried longbows. The badges on their jerkins were smaller versions of the sigil sewn on their master's surcoat; a black pitchfork on a golden bar sinister, upon a russet field. Arya had thought of revealing herself to the first outriders they encountered, but she had always pictured grey-cloaked men with the direwolf on their breasts. She might have risked it even if they'd worn the Umber giant or the Glover fist, but she did not know this pitchfork knight or whom he served. The closest thing to a pitchfork she had ever seen at Winterfell was the trident in the hand of Lord Manderly's merman.

"You have business at the Twins?" the knight asked.
- A Storm Of Swords, Arya X