blake436 Builder Application



The United States of America

I had looked up "Game of Thrones Minecraft Mods," and found the Westeroscraft web page.

Yes; Lord of The Rings primarily.

Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings, Storm of Swords

Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7

My favorite character from ASOIAF is probably a controversial one, the tv show portrayal of Ramsay Bolton. This is partially because I can't stand Theon, and it (at first) was nice to see him pay. It obviously got much worse after the first few encounters with each other, and no longer became enjoyable at all. I love how contrived and sadistic Ramsay is, especially in contrast to the other "idiotic" and childish villains we see like Jeoffrey and Euron; who don't seem to be able to use their power like Ramsay uses what little power he has. It's always great to have a villain you can truly hate in a show.

I am great at teamwork, and have built near to one hundred team projects (small and large) with some of my friends. I am proficient in redstone (if that is ever needed) and commands/command blocks. I have a good amount of daily time to devote to anything needed, from working with others on large builds, to clearing lands or working on topography.

My primary reason for applying for this builder position is that I really want to contribute to the growth of this server. I find the goal of a Game of Thrones MMORPG through Minecraft to be extremely interesting, and something I can't wait to see. I want to help the server get to that point, and to possibly even speed up that process.



Hi blake,

Apologies for the delay, and thanks for your patience!

It's nice to see your interest in our server. While your building isn't currently at the standards we look for on the server, I think you should be able to get there with some practice. I'll start off by giving some loose initial feedback, and then giving you some specific styles on our server to try your hand at.

- You want to avoid the practice of "framing" your house with logs; this is considered a very outdated practice on our server (you'll only really see it in older builds). The logs look clunky, and it's not really realistic.

- The lannisport brick isn't really a roofing material; the common materials used for rooves are thatch (both light and dark), wood planks, and the various slate blocks for wealthier buildings.

- You also want to avoid "pyramid-style" rooves, where you have corners on all sides. Try to generally stick to standard plot shapes (at least at first), such as simple rectangular plots and T-shaped plots. Your rooves should have gables on the front/back ends. Here's an example of gables on a T-shaped house.

- In the interiors, never have completely flat ceilings. It's not realistic (such a ceiling would have trouble supporting weight), and also doesn't look great. Instead, you want to have rafters supporting the ceiling from underneath. This is often done just using rows of upside-down wood stairs in place of full blocks, but can also be augmented using horizontal wooden slabs. If you look around at some interiors in somewhere like /warp whiteharbor or /warp kingslanding, you'll see examples of this everywhere.

- Overall the interiors feel a bit too simple/empty, and rely too much on clutter blocks like the stack of crates in the corner. In general, you want to avoid this "clutter" style of interiors (except for areas which would realistically have clutter, like attics and cellars), and instead make sure every part of the interiors has a purpose. Try to put yourself in the life of a peasant at the time, and if you have trouble with this, try to google IRL sources of inspiration, or even just look at medieval-themed video games like Witcher 3.

- Don't stick candle blocks sideways on walls (since the wax would just melt and the candle would fall off). Just place them vertically on top of surfaces.

A couple helpful resources on your server that you may want to check out are /warp furnish and /warp gradient. I also recommend just taking some more time exploring places like /warp whiteharbor and /warp kingslanding before continuing. Once you're ready, for the first challenge build, please make a medium-sized house in the style of /warp woodwright. Good luck!