In Progress Bandit Encampment


Hey Guys, proud to present my first Immersion build. North of Duskendale in the woods just west of Crackclaw Point is a small crumbling ruin from the age of the First Men. Shrouded beneath leaf and branch it is unseen but from the skies above. It is the perfect abode for a small group of Bandits who raid passersby on the road. They have acquired a small sum of money and goods through their successful ventures, but Westeros is never kind to anyone for long.
Designated Area:
Test Images:

Thank You All,


Forgot to mention that the ruin will need to have its biome set as Jungle otherwise the block pallet is not dark enough. Additionally, the green area on the map will need a little editing of the trees to make it more forested and sheltered from the road.


Hey Scubooty,

thank you for taking the time to put together this application!

I like your test and don't want to discourage you but i would very much dislike you building in that area. The area north of Duskendale is still heavily in progress as part of the DD server build. Moreover, we already have a ruin and two holdfasts standing just a few blocks from your proposed spot and the town walls are not too far away as well.

Instead i would suggest you build somewhere in the forests further to the north, where there's not too much built yet. After all, the purpose of an immersion build is to fill the empty spaces between projects with life.
I believe your ruin would be much better off living in one of the marked areas in the screenshot. Be careful though when choosing a spot to not cross any canon project's borders (unless the project leader is fine with it).

Screenshot 2020-07-09 at 00.49.29.png


Thanks Luk,
I am fine with it being moved north of the original location. In terms of the build itself would it be fine to just put it in one of those spots but leave it as is and just do some environment work around it to make it fit in?


The build itself looks good. No issues there. You definitely need to move it further away from Duskendale, since it would be a more heavily patrolled area. They probably could even see the fire from the town walls. Under the condition that you move the camp further north, towards the highest red circle, I will approve. Maybe pinpoint me the exact location before you start. Just to be sure.


Thank You Endy.
My new Location will be at the Coords: 5164 64 9903
(Nearest warp is to the South West at harteham5).
Let me know when I have the approval to build.


Donkey Lord
Just gonna give my two cents. More like one.

Near that area is meant to be a town, Rook's Rest, where a battle in the Dance of the Dragons was fought and an attempted dragon killing (Sunfyre iirc?) was made nearby.

There is no mention of it being a large town, and the reigning lord is a minor one. It likely is near the sea also, and the bandits could possibly target both the road Maidenpool-DD and the Rook's Rest-DD roads.
However, the Staunton's are amount the cadre of Crownlands houses which got recurring favour and disfavour from the Crown. Supported Maegor but pardoned under Jaeharys after loss of land, a favourite of Rhaena Targ was the pretty Camella Staunton, one of Aerys II's hands was a Staunton who encouraged the madman to distrust Rhaegar.