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From being a builder before, but originally from Googling GoT-related games I think?

LoTR, Song of the Lioness quartet, Harry Potter, otherwise prefer sci-fi

Game of Thrones
Clash of Kings
Storm of Swords
Feast for Crows

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6

Changes all the time (and I am not quite up-to-date at the moment) but my favourites are usually the well-meaning nobodies that often die or are underappreciated like Pip or Samwell. My favourite main character is the same as most people I know--Daenerys, because who doesn't love a badass conqueror woman with dragons?

I have a few strengths: I like small, pretty things with lots of tiny details and greenery and complimentary colours. The most unique of my skills, however, is probably my ability to stick with super mundane tasks (e.g. I did all the fields at Kayce by hand because an editor found the composition I wanted hard to do).

Because whenever I'm not a builder I play something else for a while or get through my busy life period and then eventually end up just hanging around taking screenshots and stalking the forums like a crazy ex-girlfriend. I see new styles emerge and I just want to build in them.


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The Dark Lord Sauron
Hey Mars, great to see you reapplying!

Your house seems quite good, the only feedback I really have is that the glass bay window looks slightly out of place. If you have a bay window like that, I'd perhaps make sure to put it on the street side, instead of facing the yard.

Otherwise, I'm confident that your building skills are up to quality and that you've been following the new styles closely enough, so I'll reapprove you. Welcome back to the team! :D