AtlasTheseus Builder Application


United States

I was looking for epic minecraft builds to download, and I stumbled across Westeroscraft in a Youtube video.

Lord of the Rings, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter

All of the above

Brienne, because she's one of the toughest and most resolute characters in the story, and also just plain gorgeous

I've been building elaborate castles and fixing up villages in minecraft since my 12 year old self got his hands on the game! I'm also a novelist, and I often build the entire settings for my own books.

I love the Game of Thrones world as a physical entity, even if the ending was horrible. And I'd love to be able to help bring it to (digital) life with my building talents!

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Hi AtlasTheseus,

Thanks for your interest in our server, but while your submissions are cool, I unfortunately must reject this application as it's missing a number of key requirements as outlined in the application guidelines. Particularly, we require a house built in one of the styles on our server, using our resource pack & mod. Please feel free to apply again in future when you've read the application process fully and have a better understanding of our server's standards.