Almanach Expansion+ Workbench Types and Recipe Links


Hi again guys! I know I'm posting a lot, but its all because I'm really trying to help out! Here are my ideas for different types of workbenches. I am also going to include a links section that will take you to a document containing all my crafting recipes. So here is my list of workbench types so far. (Note that more may be added as I continue creating recipes.)

Workbench Types:

Regular Crafting Table - used for minimal recipes (such as clay, sandstone, etc.)
Woodworking Table - gives greater yields and allows crafting of wood products
Stonecutter - gives greater yields and allows crafting of stone products
Forging Bench - allows crafting of armor+weapons (horse and human)
Food Table - allows crafting of certain foods
Alchemy Table - allows crafting of poisons
Churner - allows crafting of dairy products
Butcher's Table -allows crafting of meat products

Crafting Recipes Link: (Will also continually be updated)
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Goldenheart is not something that can be made. It is a rare wood grown on two of the Summer Isles. Only a few of the Golden Company, a group of Summer Islanders, wield greatbows made from it. And what is more, the trade of Goldenheart to outsiders has been halted following the Slaver Wars so that now Goldenheart is even more expensive and rare, hence why we only hear of one example of the brilliant wood being used by someone not of summer islander descent, Jaime Lannister who uses a lance made of a 'golden wood from the summer isles' which might not even be Goldenheart.

Also, I think that the minecraft crafting system might be too fickle to use accurately. It doesn't really work with complex recipes like bows.
Why is this?
The wood for bows has to be aged, preferably in a dry, dark place. Sometimes for up to a year. More treatment has to be carried out before it can be strung and used in the manner intended. Hence why I think that the minecraft style crafting is an oversimplification we can work our way around.

Crafting tables like you suggest would need to be introduced into so many professional buildings it is not funny, and already a variety of structures represent these benches. Workshops for carpenters, woodcarvers, smiths etc. It might be easier to designate areas where certain levels of crafting could take place. For example, a small smithy in Hove could allow for little more than to make and repair tools and farm gear and maybe, just maybe put together a sword. More likely weapons would be sharpened farm tools, spears and axes. However, a smith working in Tobho Mott's worshop in KL will be able to create works of art with iron if their skill is high enough. They just have to be in the workspace to perform the crafting.

With a good dose of realism, learning any trade or artisans craft will take a lot of time.

I propose that crafting be done on the basis of skill, time and resources available with little to nothing in the way of the minecrafts crafting as it is too abstract. For example, a castlesmith has a rusty sword at his disposal. It was of good quality but the leather and wood of the handle has rotten and the blade tarnished. He wants to make a longer arming sword form it and invests 2 minutes of ingame time into heating it in the forge before taking the item from the forge and placing it on the anvil. He then performs an action to beat the steel out, a loading bar is filled and the action complete. Then they get another piece of iron and place it in the forge for 1 minute. While it is heating they go to a woodpile and collect, say, 2 wood and quickly carve a handle for the sword or better yet, shape an already made handle from a carpenter, quickly shape it. Then, they get the second piece of iron, the crossguard, out of the forge and beat it. This takes about the same time if not more than the sword blank itself because of the more intricate nature of the piece. One this is finished, assembly takes place, lasting about 2 minutes again. In this 1 leather, 2 carved wood pieces are used to complete and turn the 2 metal pieces into a sword.

That might be difficult so maybe most of these artisans will be npcs and will require the player to either pay for the product or perform some kind of deed in recompense
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