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Player Death:

It is imperative that we do not enforce a permanent death penalty for dying. We will not be able to maintain a steady playerbase. The entire backbone of combat will be shattered because nobody will want to PvP at all for fear of not being able to play again.

I would like to see a temporary time delay before respawning - as well as a skill/attribute reset. The time delay should stay under a days time, that way players aren’t waiting hours to play something they were enjoying. I recommend a 1-2 hour delay. That way, the cause of death actually means something. For example, the siege of a city would be concluded before the player respawns, eliminating the possibility of never-ending, respawn battles. This delay system would also add incentive to planning and coordinating attacks to ensure victory.

In addition to the overall planning of attacks and using player armies wisely, the reset of skills/attributes plays a huge part in character development. From the moment a player joins, they begin constructing who their character will be. They become attached to what they have created. This eliminates (mostly) the possibility of petty wars and the likes to serious conflicts only. It increases the stakes for players - therefore they will invest more time in skills like survivability, healing, combat, etc. It will promote a good, friendly community. The risk of murder and assassination will also be greater. Another good thing about this is players will receive notoriety where it’s due. In other words, the Viper (Oberyn Martell) didn’t get his name from living peacefully and never venturing outside of Sunspear... No he got it by earning it. By staying alive and becoming one of the greatest fighters in Westeros. Players that are able to develop their characters enough and keep them alive will slowly gain notoriety in the community like this. This all goes back to having our players be invested in the game and each character they create. It will affect their decisions from where they live, all the way down to what they say.

Another bit I would like to see would be players having access to /nick to name their character whatever they choose. Obviously, they are allowed one character per time they die. This will obviously change when they join (I like to think of it as marrying into) a great house. They will lose their initial last name and take on the name of their new noble family. I don’t see any conflicts with this. Players then can gain titles such as Lord/Lady, Warden, Ser, King/Queen, etc. over time.



Hey, thanks for all the work you have done till now, but there's something tickling my mind. If we die, can we restart in the same house, and even, can we start as Lords if a house is empty wich would mean that we cannot be hired and getting ranks in. I'm asking this question as a Lannister, knowing that there are not lots of people who support it but also for the smaller houses, such as the Bushies or the Mormonts, or any smaller castles you can find around the bigger ones.

And I would like to know what happens to your skills,levels and chests when you die.
Have you got to restart all over ? All the things you've farmed, the quests you've made, does it mean nothing anymore so you restart at the spawn, lvl 0 with the quests you've already done 10 times now, or is it just your titles you loose? It would be far better, like you're the son/daughter of your older character, or someone else bu' in my opinion, it would be really rude to loose everything just because a boar killed ya..

Why couldn't we input a soul point system?

These are some remarks and questions I really want to enlighten. :)
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I was under the impression that any quests were applicable to present situation rather than being a set progressions like SWTOR and instead more like Eve Online.
I had some idea that kind of merges some other ideas which relies on numbers within a house or group of allied houses. There currently is a bit of a problem with the idea of children so I was thinking, how about adopting junior members of the same house or a closely allied house? This would be a way of creating a successor, someone to inherit the titles, lands, etc if the lord dies or leaves. The parent, having formally adopted the heir, would then be able to teach them selected skills and attributes (to a degree) that they have learn.
There are several options for what can occur within this. If the lord does not feel the heir reflects their same opinions, they can choose another, which would damage the reputation of the ex-heir and give the ex-heir a possible reason to try and intrigue their way into power. The heir could be fully trained but feel they are being held back by the Lord and depose the elder either by military power or by discrediting, disgracing, accusing of madness (George III). Then there is lawful and natural ascension. So three possible options for succession, natural, through arms and through intrigue (perhaps should include assassination).

This would rely on player death causing the loss of everything as to keep stakes high for intrigue and assassination but create a safety net so that all house control and reputation removed, while also creating more targets for assassination. The selection of an heir could also contribute to intra-house strife as possible heirs strive for the throne.