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    Profession block issue?

    Does this happen with all profession blocks or just some? You should post your Optifine settings so people can try to replicate the issue.
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    NIghtfort Server Build - Gift Settlements

    A bit late to this convo, but my preferred approach to palisades is this thin-log variant (example from a holdfast right near Atranta): The downside is that you can't use the rope variants, but if that's something that's necessary, it wouldn't be that unreasonable to add thin log rope...
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    Terra School: Scripts

    You can avoid things like this by "escaping" special characters using the backslash (\). For instance, the following will work fine: //replace white&\|[red][1][4] blue| //replace white&\|[blue][1][4] yellow (For those who aren't familiar, the difference between '|' and '~' is that the former...
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    Ghost Hill - by Margaery Tyrell

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    Striations Script

    Right; for some reason the //generate command, when used with perlin noise, randomizes the noise patterns even when you keep the seed and other parameters the same. The perlin noise itself should be deterministic, so I'm not really sure where this random effect is coming from or if it's possible...
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    Striations Script

    Hi everyone, I'm uploading a possibly gamechanging script (see attached file) for doing realistic striation bands on rock cliffs and mountains. The script is based on Perlin noise. You'll need the Macro+Keybind mod to be able to run it. Here's an example of what it can do: Here's a quick...
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    Dornish Marches Terra

    Was mucking around with WE and found something that could be useful here: //generate -o black {v=((round(x/10+10*perlin(0,x/1,y/1,z/1,0.01,4,0.8))+round(z/10+10*perlin(0,x/1,y/1,z/1,0.01,4,0.8)))+(y))%20;(v>=-5)&&(v<5)} Gonna try to make it into a script, because the command is a bit of a...
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    Lemmonberrymuffin Builder Application

    Hey Lemmon, Awesome job with this house! The interiors in particular are well-planned and really nicely executed; you've come a long way during this app. My only feedback this time is a fairly nitpicky thing: I'd probably just use all vertical oak wood planks for the gables, since the normal...
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    Block Change Request: Borderless diagonal timber beams

    Regarding the 2-tall diagonal timber frame variant - I drew a line in the sand back during the vertical timber frame CTM update between that and more complicated patterns, since there's easily a slippery slope to fall into that would only result in outdating most of the builds on the server. I'm...
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    Dornish Marches Terra

    To this point, there are some mountain ranges IRL that have very distinct horizontal layering pattern, such as the Maharashtra range in India, so it's not entirely out of the picture (though I can't attest to whether this is appropriate for the geology of the Stormlands). Examples: That said...
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    House Estermont by Jeff

    Sorry, it seems like there was a miscommunication/conflicting information on our part in this thread. Just to clarify, the rule is that people are supposed to wait until they've finished a project and submitted it for post-approval before posting an application for a new project. You can leave...
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    Constantinel Builder Application

    Hey Constantinel, Thanks for being patient; it's been a busy week for me. Overall I think you got most of the elements of the Gaunt style, but there's a few significant issues with the execution that I need to point out: - It seems like you're still building the house in a style that's too...
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    Lemmonberrymuffin Builder Application

    Hey Lemmon, Thanks for being patient; busy week for me. Overall you did a very good job with this house! I think you mostly got the plasterwork technique down, apart from some nitpicky feedback which I'll get to now: - I'd suggest making the plaster regions a bit less strand-like, and a bit...
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    Ghost Hill - by Margaery Tyrell

    Gave some minor feedback in-game but otherwise I approve!
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    Lemmonberrymuffin Builder Application

    Hey lemmon, Nice work again, you're improving quickly! The interiors in particular are nicely done this time, though I have a bit of feedback to give on the exteriors. Before I get to that, it seems like you're still having some sort of issue with your textures; it could be that Optifine wasn't...