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    [KL’s south bank] So what’s on the other side of the river?

    I’m with you on thinking it shouldn’t be sprawl, but my first thought on looking at the size of the settlement in Dutch’s image was, “Oh, no, that’s much too large,” lol! Thank you for finding those quotes, BBQ! Did ferries operate at nighttime? The theater would be geared towards the...
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    [KL’s south bank] So what’s on the other side of the river?

    With King’s Landing receiving its fabulous makeover, it seems to me that now is as good a time as any to start a bainstorm about what kind of settlement, perhaps even sprawl, has emerged on the south bank of the Blackwater Rush. Additionally, Kor has spearheaded the talk of a Stormlands...
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    The Arbor: Applications thread

    I am applying for the hamlet near Ryamsport. There is a farmstead in the crook of the junction. Immediately south are four additional homes. The farmstead has: x3 homes x2 granaries x1 well x1 barn The orange concrete is the low wall of the farmstead. The yards of the four additional...
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    Stackhouse Redo Appeal

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    In Progress Project Application: House Cobb by InvertedWinger and JJLyric

    I am applying for Cobbham3, just north of the castle. There are seven houses, a granary, and a barn. They're mostly farmers. I did my best to come up with some pleasant-looking plots for the 45 degree roads. I don't have a working warp to my test plot right now, so to view in game, go to my...
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    Ideas for Essos

    By the Law of Dibs, I call dibs on the Long Bridge in Volantis. The Law of Dibs is infallible; the Long Bridge is now mine by rights
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    Augurex Builder Application

    Just a little update to Maj’s update--I am now working on a cartwright’s in KL25. It’s fun so far!
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    Completed Project Application: House Brune of Dyre Den

    It’s a bit jarring how the daub on top is suddenly straight. Also, I think it leans a tad too much. But I like leaning towers in general, so lean away!
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    Augurex Builder Application

    Thanks for the help so far, Maj—and thanks to others who have chipped in (Eld, Marg, CC, I think I’m forgetting someone). I started the harbor master‘s house + tower at Ryamsport. I don’t know if Elduwin will want someone more experienced on that plot, but it didn’t have a *special* tag or TEST...
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    In Progress Ruddy Hall on Storrold’s Point Project Application

    Truly, building in the extreme North is this server’s equivalent of invading Russia in the wintertime.
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    Augurex Builder Application

    Thanks :eek: Maj, I started a house at Ryamsport (right near the town gate), if you wanna go take a look at my progress...
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    Augurex Builder Application

    Alright, here's my Duskendale house... I had a lot of fun building this one! :D Also, since you didn't specify class or income-level, I went with a wealthy retired mercenary (and his family) who makes a lot of passive income; for example, from the bottom floor which he leases to a wheelwright or...
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    Augurex Builder Application

    What is your age? 25+ In what country are you living? USA Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft? Don't Remember What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF? Honestly, what I like most about ASOIAF by this point is WesterosCraft. I've read and reread the books way too much, and as...
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    Just a some family pictures <3

    Look at me, standing there gawking at Loras like some soppy-eyed fan... I make myself SICK.