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    Forum Game: Guess Who Posts Next

    Nah, Emote
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    Coughs in we now know how the Knights of Ninestars could be so wealthy, despite being high up in glacial valleys?
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    Block Change Request: Northern Cobble/Icy Coble Slabs/Stairs/Walls

    and a duckweed like variant Cash so any floor can be made icy?
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    Project Application: House Slate by Witherack

    I completely agree with Dutch when it comes to towers. The houses that the Kings of Winter destroyed wouldn't have been push overs or they would never have been mentioned in the history books. I am also not sure about your gradients and think that they could use a bit more variation using the...
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    The North - Terra Update

    With a light snow, also, trees actually don't get covered unless its just fallen. Trees move with the wind, shaking off snow and so in fact light snowfall powders the area outside of the canopy. I agree with you Dutch, just I'm not too familiar with the canon rn. Also I'd love for the north to...
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    The North - Terra Update

    Okay, so first off the heavy snow isn't a canon choice but a stylistic one to give variation to the north. Its almost as big as the other kingdoms combined so what an interesting way to make Last Hearth seem different from Torrhen's Square, despite using the same block palette (more northern...
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    The Arbor: Applications thread

    Only issue I have is with the cloth hanging over the balcony. This could be a little more structured I feel. Have a play around with some other ways you could represent the cloth hanging and how its supported and see if there's something that might fit the spot better.
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    Ideas for Essos

    Also another point is that GRRM applies the same inspiration to multiple places. Volantis definitely has Constantinople/Istanbul vibes with its remnants of the Rome-like empire, sitting in the space between east and west, (east being the mostly unknown to Westerosi). However, Qarth also features...
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    Where on the timeline is our server?

    Another argument for the western path around the Godseye is that Yoren would have wanted to get off the Kingsroad as soon as possible to avoid Lions catching up with them. I think the best way to fit everything in would be to have a road winding along the western shore, rather than going...
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    Block Change Request: Northern Cobble/Icy Coble Slabs/Stairs/Walls

    I'd love to go over Norrey and fix up stairs
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    Where on the timeline is our server?

    I'd say prioritise the book canon, not the lands of ice and fire and instead have Arya going along the western shore based on the North East island fragment.
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    Egen Immersion Build Application: By Jake

    Just going to add this feedback for jake about terra, your forest looks cool but one thing to note is that the mountains of the moon would probably have huge snowmelt in spring, meaning that there would be more of a path carved by the water, perhaps with variations in the pebble banks around the...
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    [Update Appeal] Amberly

    So does that mean you'll be making the forests appear like those at Gaunt? If so, please do something that reflects the rainsoaked nature of a project on Shipbreaker Bay/Cape Wrath
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    Block Change Request: Dark Drystone block

    Request: Dark Drystone block Request Type: General Addition Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes. Currently Northern Cobble looks more like river pebbles than a stone wall and contrasts greatly with the rest of the...
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    A Stormlands Overhaul

    Hey, I'm just going to jump in here and say that the hills south of Bronzegate and North of Griffins Roost should probably not go too close to the height limit and perhaps should stay around 150-170 blocks height so that they don't dwarf the Red Mountains to the south of them, as well as to...