Stoney Shore in mossy green?


Since I just saw that carci started working on the Stoney Shore I though I'd bring this discussion up again, which was touched on in the Skerry Immersion project thread.
Both Skerry island and the Hermit island off the coast of the Stoney Shore are very mossy and green. Since I assume that these projects set the standard for all the islands on that side of the North, I think it would be rather odd to have them be so mossy and green and then the coast itself be so brown. Presumably the coast would look somewhat similar. I believe in earlier draughts of Alex' and Endy's Rills immersion the beach also had greener grass, which I personally quite liked.

What is the general opinion on this?
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I wouldn't mind making the southernmost islands and the southern parts of Stony Shore coastline a bit greener, we can always claim the ocean makes the climate warmer or at least more temperate. All the way up to Hermit Island would be too much imo, it's on the same latitude as Winterfell, so it's a bit of an oddball being all green and lush.