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DieRike said:

This is a reapplication for the mountain clans. The original was posted by IodizedMilk in 2013.

Please check the new app here:


Demodocus said:
The Vale does have a map in the Map Repository, but it was never stickied (which it really should be!)


A few notes: The large red polygon labelled "Mountain Clan Questing Zone" is a vague concept of myself and the MMORPG design team. Basically, we want large areas not affiliated with a specific house that could have long questing arcs. This entire area has nothing in it, but the roads I've proposed for the Vale would be necessary for gameplay and travel, but would be equally dangerous. The quest in this area might be to protect travelers through the region, or perhaps ousting some tribes from an area, or maybe joining or allying with them, who knows ...

Now, we know that the other lords in the Vale travel to the Eyrie (to court Lysa for marriage, to determine who is the Lord Protector, etc.) so we must assume there are multiple ways through the mountains connecting the various lords and their holdings to the Eyrie. I listed 6 potential routes that connect the Eyrie with the rest of the Vale and the outside world.

#1 "The High Road" through the Bloody Gate (most used, so technically "easiest", but still VERY dangerous)
#2 "Ironoaks Pass" from Oakberry (often used, but seasonal)
#3 "Waxley Pass" from Wickenden (used occasionally, also seasonal)
#4 "Inner Valley Pass" from High Hermitage (used occasionally, possible year-round?)
#5 "Redfort Pass" from Redfort/Hardyng (seasonal, but very treacherous)
#6 "Outer Valley Pass" from Egen Hall (used very seldom, possible year-round?)

Now, from your map are you proposing that ALL the Mountain Clans live near the Bloody Gate year-round? I always imagined them having a very widespread area and that they sporadically visited a variety of roads and settlements to prey on travelers. Since the "High Road" is the most traveled, they would visit this area most frequently, but I think they might have more permanent settlements in the secluded "Inner" and "Outer" valleys where the Valemen don't go very often and then send raiding parties to the more populated areas. We know that they have been an ongoing problem for the Vale lords for generations, so I can't imagine them staying in one spot for very long. If they did, the lords would have defeated them and they wouldn't be the threat that they are.

Also, do we know anything more about the different mountain clans in the Vale, I didn't see much canon information about the different clans. (E: I see that is all in iodizedmilk's app! But ...) Do they all live together or in separate communities? Are there differences in culture that would be reflected in the tents/structures?

Perhaps the fighting men (and women) go off in raiding parties (with tents and stuff), but leave behind their families in the semi-permanent communities in more isolated valleys? These raiding parties are more collaborative between the tribes, but the communities themselves are more separated and distinct? They only work together for raids, but there is probably lot's of in-fighting as well.

And the big question, does World of Ice and Fire have anything to say about all of this?
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