New Website Users Read This


Royal Messenger
We won't have minecraft integrated for a little bit. Until then, as a substitute (if you so choose), you can do the following to have your MC skin face as your profile:

  1. Goto Minecraft Skin Stealer
  2. Search your MC username
  3. Your avatar should come up. Right click on the 'With Helm' image beneath the 'Face' title, and click Save Image
  4. Once saved, goto the WesterosCraft website (the one you're on now!) and in the top right, next to Inbox your website name should be there. Click on it and then click on 'Avatar' on the left column
  5. Upload the 'face image' downloaded beforehand from wherever you saved it to
  6. Voila! This is a temporary solution, but will allow the same/similar Minecraft-oriented user avatars we had on the old website