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The Dark Lord Sauron
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Hi everyone,

Given the flurry of recent activity in the KL remaster, we've decided to create a new thread for the purpose of more regular communication about the project, starting with an update about where the project currently stands.

First, I'm pleased to announce that the project has finally reached a major milestone of ~1/3 completion (measured as a % of districts, weighted by the completion of each individual district). Shoutout to all the builders who have helped get us to this point!


After some discussion, the KL committee has decided that it's time to shift the project into a consolidation phase. What does this mean? There will be a temporary hold placed on new district applications while the focus shifts to finalizing inactive and abandoned districts, consolidating the overall style of the city, and reassessing what's working for us and what isn't. Please note that this only applies to new districts; existing districts are allowed to continue unabated, and people can still apply for abandoned districts as they become available.

Specifically, we aim to accomplish the following things during this time:

* Pushing for completion on all the nearly-complete and abandoned districts (e.g., KL21, KL14B, KL4, KL32, KL33B, etc.).

* Revamping our guides (e.g., for substyles and city plotting) and procedures for the project in order to streamline the district application process.

* Taking inventory of the palettes and stylistic choices of existing districts, and suggesting superficial changes to improve cohesion and alignment within substyles.

* Updating existing districts with new stone and timber frame blocks.

* Auditing the current district borders and seeing if any can be improved for future applicants.

* Copying additional completed and quality-controlled districts over to the production map.

We do not expect this hold to last for long, and there will be many opportunities for the overall community to help out with the process -- so please stay tuned for further information. We will begin by requesting updates for WIP districts and marking them as abandoned if there is no response within a few weeks; any districts marked as abandoned will be open for builders to apply to. Districts that are very close to completion may be taken up directly by the KL committee.

We hope that this phase will ultimately make it easier to apply for the remaining districts and lead to a somewhat less chaotic experience. Expect further communication and restructuring within this subforum, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

The KL committee
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