Hey all!
Nice to meet everyone here!

I would like to introduce myself, My Pen name is Liam and that's what I prefer to be called!

So a little about me, I have been roleplaying for majority of my life and I have been in love with the show and more specifically the books for god knows how long, I love to act and sing and draw and just travel, I have been watching this project for years, I can't wait for it to finish whenever that happens, it's already so majestic and beautiful, I found this server I think from ASOIAF's reddit and a news article, I picked the username because I love Young Griff aka (f)Aegon and his character so much and love to roleplay and portray him, anyways I can't wait to be a part of this community and make new friends on here, and I guess this was all that I could think of, Nice to meet you all again and Hope to see you around the server or on the discord, my dms are always open if anyone wants to talk and be friends or roleplay! I am always here to help everyone out with whatever I can!