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    How to play WesterosCraft using Vanilla Minecraft launcher.

    Now, I'm quite new to the server in general but I believe this could help a lot of people looking to play on WesterosCraft without using its custom launcher. You're going to need Forge for Minecraft 1.11.2 installed which you can find here...
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    Shader issues with no error code

    Yeah it does freeze forever. Left my pc on the screen it froze on while at school and came home and it was still there. Ill try setting my shaders beforehand to see if that works. Thanks for the quick reply.
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    Shader issues with no error code

    Oh and to add on, i have made it so ot has a maximum of 8G for memory so that can't be the problem.
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    Shader issues with no error code

    So everytime I get into the westeroscraft server and try to put on my shaders my game freezes and stays that way. My graphics card is a GTX 970. No matter what shaders I choose the problem remains. I can't play or look at builds without shaders anymore it just doesnt feel right. Would love any help.