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    OT Team: Water & Sewage

    Hello there! I'm opening applications for the Water & Sewage team. Team members will be invited to a discord group and will need to have an existing Trello account to access the project board. The inspirations i've collected so far are linked under the "Links & Files" Column in Trello. If you...
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    In Progress Project Application: Stackhouse by CC

    Hey there, so we extensively discussed your plans ingame. I think you'll do an excellent job at this, and i wish you good luck on your first project! Approved.
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    In Progress Northern Reach Megabuild "Springhamshire" (Tumbleton, Risley, Smithyton)

    Attention Probies!... and others: There are plots available at /warp aberfield in Risley. Plots are limited to 1 building per person, due to the high demand atm.
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    In Progress Northern Reach Megabuild "Springhamshire" (Tumbleton, Risley, Smithyton)

    So.. after a lot of silence and preparation work, i finally have a small update: In Risley, i have a manor redo open for application: /warp risleymanor Replacing this older build: Applications with a test can be posted in this thread. Good luck!
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    Block Change Request: Window blocks; changes and additions

    Bump :) This could really be useful for a lot of builds. Would probs also be used in MP and KL, so better sooner than later, if we decide to implement this.
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    "Download Error" Upon Start-Up

    Heyo, indeed it seems from the log-file that somewhere in your network the IP it wants to pull the assets from is blocked or not available. Could you try just opening this URL in your browser?
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    Forum Game: Guess Who Posts Next

    Wow this is still going.. i agree. Margaery_Tyrell
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    OT Teams - Introduction APPLICATIONS OPEN

    Full Ingame Name: Luk_emAn Ingame Nick Name: Luk WesterosCraft Builder since (estimated): summer 2019 Projects Led: Tumbleton, Northern Reach Megabuild, Pyle Minis Led: A few Trello Account: idk anymore Team applied for: Sewers Have you read the OT Document? Of course :)
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    Stackhouse Redo Appeal

    good ;)
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    Stackhouse Redo Appeal

    Just letting you know this isn't a project application.
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    In Progress Project Application: House Cobb by InvertedWinger and JJLyric

    That looks great! But in case you weren't aware, you aren't allowed to do mini projects yet, until your probation is concluded. Sorry :(
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    In Progress Project Application: House Cobb by InvertedWinger and JJLyric

    approved by me as well. JJ implemented some feedback i gave
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    Patrick/Yzyc Builder Application

    Hey Patrick, i love the level of dedication you put into your builds :D very immersive. Honestly i don't think i can teach you any more through this application. You seem to be eager to build, so i'll go ahead and approve your application :) You'll find the next steps here...
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    Patrick/Yzyc Builder Application

    Hey Patrick, Good job on that house! You really did your homework and made a very nice looking build :) Some things i noticed though: - Hanging cabinets like you did are too modern for a medieval house. You'd only find that in modern kitchens. - Also, make sure that if you use cabinets and the...
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    Planetology Builder Application

    Hey Planetology, Wow! lovely house and you even did more than you needed... I love your motivation :D I can't really find any mistakes on your build, good job! I would like to see one another build too though, which would be a low class farmer house, in the style of /warp gaunt Good luck!