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    Approved Lonely Hills Terra Project

    All of this is looking lovely. Absolutely loving it Jake ❤️
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    Approved Redo Appeal: Bronzegate, Wensington, Swygert & Update Appeal: Haystack Hall by Kor

    Thank you. I’m pleased to hear this. Perhaps I should try to finish Felwood this year then ;)
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    Approved Redo Appeal: Bronzegate, Wensington, Swygert & Update Appeal: Haystack Hall by Kor

    Hello there! This is the official redo and update appeal for the following Northern Stormlands projects. The projects I wish to redo are Bronzegate, Wensington and Swygert, while the project I wish to update is Haystack Hall. I intend to incorporate all of them into one Northern Stormlands...
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    Modular Schematic Scripts

    Speechless. Freaking incredible Emot!
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    Eastwatch Project Thread

    I second this! The abrupt end to the Wall as it reaches the ocean in those concept art pieces is utterly awe inspiring. It would be amazing to see if we could recreate the same effect.
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    Approved Moat Cailin Redo appeal

    “The remaining three towers, which are covered with green moss and white ghostskin”. In order to do justice to this description, and to greatly improve the visual appearance, I think this warrents a mossy basalt block. I think the currrent moss blocks looks out of place when placed with the...
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    Approved Felwood by Kor

    Slow and steady wins the game. Finished Felwood ETA: 2026. Then we can celebrate its 10th anniversary ;)
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    Approved Felwood by Kor

    I'm gonna finish this b*tch even if it's the last thing I do.
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    A Stormlands Overhaul

    Absolutely! I plan on redoing the mountains I just created around Felwood too. They are too tall. I’ll present a plan for the northern stormlands before long.
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    Approved [Update Appeal] Amberly

    Big support from me! Make sure to give the coasts a bit of love as well! (I'm gonna propose rocky/pebbly beaches for large parts of the stormlands in the upcoming post<3
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    Sunspear/Dorne Redo Discussion Megathread

    Some delicious terraforming along the western Dorne, in the red mountains: Like the Algerian mountains, yumyum!
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    A Stormlands Overhaul

    Hey man! Thanks for the ideas and comments. I’m working on a map to hopefully sort of the confusion that is the Dornish Marshes while remaining canonically correct. I’ll write you a proper response with some better answers tomorrow once the map is finished, until then, hang in there!
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    A Stormlands Overhaul

    Thank you for this, Loras. It will be very useful!
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    A Stormlands Overhaul

    Hey Lem! This is absolutely the plan. I’m still in the process of gathering all the information I need, so an overall plan is still to be devised. However, I Could imagine it being split into smaller regional megabuilds like: Northern Stormlands/the Hilly woodlands, Storm’s End + sprawl, The...