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    Speaking of salt mines. I read an article once about a Celt whose body was found in the far reaches of a salt mine somewhere in the northern balkans. His body and gear preserved by centuries of “crystallization”. Also, I read another article about a large Stone or Iron Age “cemetery of burials”...
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    witherack Does the book youre reading happen to be by a guy named Mark Kurlansky?
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    Planning [Map Repository] The North

    Blackpool in the Irish Gaelic vernacular translates roughly to Dubhlinn which when anglicized becomes Dublin. That’s according to my old Irish Gaelic professor and mentor. According to him the reason it was named Dubhlinn was because of the boggy somewhat swampy appearance of the area. The area...
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    In Progress Northern Reach Megabuild "Springhamshire" (Tumbleton, Risley, Smithyton)

    "Around Smithyton: A few mines, and predominately "smithy" related industries" Hey, I am happy that I saw where someone used some of my wheel and pulley mechanisms for inspiration on some mining-related builds near Smithyton monastery and wanted to suggest a water-powered trip hammer build...
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    Completed Project Application- House Langward- Sappertsc

    Antony and I did some research on Langward before and what specialties their house could offer. The coat of arms for House Langward is 21 White Stars on Burgundy above Black water. The white stars seem to be reminiscent of the shine that pearls sometimes make. Pearls are found in both oysters...
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    Planning [Map Repository] Riverlands

    I wonder if in the red and orange lands where castles and keeps may be under some level of siege if my Trebuchet may be of use in showing the Westerlands path of destruction.
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    Completed Project Application - House Rousemont

    I might consider doing Frithcester if I could possibly maybe also attach Bridges to it as either a redo or update. Like have Bridges as a vassal to Rousemont. That black stone bridge could be a toll bridge and Frithcester/Bridges would serve as a gathering/supply depot for the resources...
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    Immersion Build Real Estate near Ball

    When I built the Ringfort on Seal Rock at Whiteharbor, I believe the Spitfires were canonically referenced as flaming projectiles fired by catapult or at least thats what someone told me. On the awoiaf wiki under the siege weapons subsection of the armament page spitfires are defined as a...
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    Immersion Build Real Estate near Ball

    Here is a mini model of what I am thinking, for in a Reach Castle/First Men Ringfort Ruin on the Island based off Moryń Castle in the above post of mine. The island upon which the ruin sits will in itself be a hill rising 7 to 15+ meters above water and lush with overgrown trees and hedges...
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    Immersion Build Real Estate near Ball

    Ive an idea for the site and its based off an old castle that once served a military purpose. Castle Moryń in Poland, east of the river Oder, was a castle built in the 1300s on the site of a medieval hill fort built some time between 400-800 ad. So what Im thinking is a large First Men ring fort...
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    Completed Project Application - House Rousemont

    Alright, I think the romoquarry and romohamlet are pretty much all the way done, except for some problems with foliage around the borders of the hamlet, which I am sure Thamus can help with. Big thanks to all who helped build these mini projects and they are Mayflumes (2 houses), He_who_is_Red...
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    In Progress Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

    Iron has decided to not work on the septry no further cause Iron has other things to attend to in game and in real life. Mayflumes do well.
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    Completed Project/update application: Norrey

    What if we left that bit of land for an immersion project? Like some Mountain Clan that used to exist but fell on hard times and soon went extinct?
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    In Progress Project Application: Long Barrow by Auscar

    There are a few things that I feel I must add to this thread about the Long Barrow project you have and they are merely thoughts nothing more. When walking through your test for the barrow I feel as though the tunnels and layout are a bit disorganized, though the banquet hall is nicely placed...
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    I got macos too, and the launcher, just wouldn't get me in

    10.15.4 bruh. but I think its the Westeroscraft launcher is outdated. if you can't log on.